POF : What is the scam?

POF : What is the scam?

What are they trying to pull? I’ve had a couple people (men) say hello. Then I say hello back. Next message from them is send me your number.

I’m all about not beating around the bush but I need a little more than one word.

By. slhouston

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  1. Typically all scams leads to you parting from your money in some form or fashion from someone you barely know.

    Some want to get information on you to use on others, like your number, your city, your work you won’t think it’s that big of info, but it’s enough for them to have as a story to use on others.

    They’re foreigners they don’t understand how the US language works muchless making up a fake story.

    Hello, I am Steve into sports and the females, where you working today?

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