POF : What to say in your POF profile?!

POF : What to say in your POF profile?!

I’ve bee online dating for years admittedly & the only thing I’ve been doing is staying online. Can anyone please tell me what’s best to write on your profile. Is it better to be revealing & open? Or brief & concise? A middle ground? Then I was curious as to what’s the best way to break the ice if someone finds interest in you? Please any helps & tips would be great.

By. OberynsGhost

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  1. I prefer to go all out. My profile has 10 sentences about myself and each one is double spaced so it’s easy to read. And each sentence is 1-2 lines long. I still don’t get many messages.

  2. I’ve been on that site off and on waaaaay longer than I care to admit. But the one thing I noticed is less is more. When I go all out and write my heart out I’d get nothing. Same with very little. If you’re looking at it like a scale, 0% being empty and 100% as full as you could make it, shoot for around 30%.

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