POF : When is too fast or too long?

POF : When is too fast or too long?

I’ve chatted to a few girls on pof recently which is a surprise in itself as it never happened before. Anyway, I just want to know when is it the right time to ask someone out? I asked one girl after about 4 days of chatting and she blocked me after I asked it, she updated her profile saying she don’t like being asked out too quickly. This other girl I been talking to for about a week and a half I haven’t asked her out yet and I started running out of things to say and she has since stopped replying to me

By. Jedite1000

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  1. It depends entirely, go by what you think, I tend to go on the earlier side and would consider four days chatting plenty, but I’m perhaps older, and for me and the women I chat to, meeting in real life is no big deal, just say let’s chat over a drink instead of this texting bullshit, rather than make it a big deal it’s just a continuation of the conversation face to face.

    Honestly the girl that blocked you then probably had no intention of meeting anyone, four days texting is plenty to ask, then you’ll probably still have a few more days texting before the meet anyway.

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