POF : Why are there so many divorced women that popped out 2+ kids already with their ex?

POF : Why are there so many divorced women that popped out 2+ kids already with their ex?

All I see on POF are divorced women that have had multiple kids. I’ve seen even one say they had 4 kids. How can you have so many kids with someone and then decide to divorce them? Then they think some other guy going to be the daddy?

By. CzechMeOut69

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  1. The only truth here is that you totally don’t understand the situation of any of these women – it’s improper to assume they all had the same experience.

    What you can learn is that divorced women with kids are not a match for you so stop looking at their profiles and don’t contact them, and everyone will be happier.

  2. Why are you trolling with this [same exact post]( from two days ago?

    I’ll say what I said on your last one; go your own way already.

    All women who are divorced with kids DID NOT do so because they didn’t like their husbands any more, or are just looking for someone to fill the daddy role. That’s very ignorant thinking on your part and *just one* of the myriad of reasons people (men and women) divorce.

    It’s fine to not be intetested in divorced women with kids, but your misogynist blanket statement reasoning behind it is what makes it wrong.

  3. A lot of divorced women share custody with the child(ren)’s father, so they’re not looking for a « replacement daddy » so much as someone who can provide emotional support, love, comfort, etc. Of course, getting along with the kids and helping with them would be a big part. If anything, you should learn more considerate phrasing before attempting to talk to a woman, whether or not she has kids/is divorced. If you talked like that to me in any capacity, I’d block you so fast.

  4. Usually its because their are types of guys who complain about women with 2-4 kids and they are the type of guys who get sick of their family and leave their wife managing their 2-4 kids while he chases young tail.

  5. The app has a skewed demographic basis similar to many other dating apps. PoF was created/structured for a certain demographic of women/men and the developers seem to think it functions okay that way

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