Tinder : If you can’t say anything nice…

Tinder : If you can’t say anything nice…

If you can’t say anything nice…

By. Amenian

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  1. The secret rules of tinder are to be genuine and confident

    You werent confident lol

    Edit: Take this with a pinch of salt as I am a 22M kissless virgin

  2. This sub makes me feel like I’m the only person who has ever had good openers in the history of dating. Step one: don’t match with people with absolutely nothing for you to comment on. That makes it way easier.

  3. You come off as a ‘pick me’ guy. If she doesn’t respond to your first message, double texting a few hours after the first text and going « oh woe is me! » comes off as clingy, and the tongue out emoji feels creepy and weird. Even if you were built like a greek god, you’re giving off weird vibes so I don’t blame her for not responding.

  4. This is actually a really bad opener.

    “Hi, [negative character trait]!
    Hope you don’t judge me over [negative character trait]!”

    “Guess a guy with no confidence didnt do it for you! Must be the opener!”

    God this whole sub has become so fucking cringey

  5. My friend you should have said « best »

    1. If you are trying to improve your game hearing a bad opener doesn’t make sense

    2. You want this girl to associate you with a good experience, a good opener probably made her laugh and feel good.

    3. You could have even kept the « don’t say this one » and it would have become a joke and not a plea

  6. Just don’t open with a question. Instead open with a bold/funny statement where you assume something about her. Asking a question puts her on the spot where she has to provide a value, since you haven’t built a connection yet, she easily ignores it.

  7. I truly believe many times the lack of response is due to the usage of emoji’s. There’s just something about males using emoji’s in the early stages of communication that is just too feminine.

    Has anyone else noticed this?

  8. You’re trying too hard I feel like. You can almost feel your nervousness through the text, but that’s ok. You’ll learn from it

  9. People dead ass match with you then don’t talk to you if your opening isn’t clever, I’m definitely getting too old for this app lmao

  10. It’s never been about your opener. I’ve seen terrible ones work. I think it’s about whether they think you are high value based on your profile. That’s it honestly. Usually that’s good looking and have money, but depends on what they are looking for. I know I’ve had some stinkers work on 6-7, but nothing works well on 8-9s. It’s me, not my opener.

    No matter what you say, if they think you are high value, they will respond even to junk openers and pretend to like them. Ever had a girl into you that laughs at your bad jokes? If you are clever enough (to them) maybe you can get a response when you might not have gotten one otherwise, but even then it will probably not last long past the opener.

    This is my experience anyway. Girls on these sites try to date over their league because there are so many more guys. If you are not over their league it will be hard to get something going. They will also be talking to lots of other guys at the same time. Generally most are out of their league.

    This usually results in guys sleeping with them and not committing to them. Guys will sleep down, but not commit down. Then the girls getting upset about it and start plastering No Hookups on their profile, but they still do it anyway.

  11. Ignoring your poor opener is pretty common a match just don’t answer at all (random right swiping till something good catch, but you aren’t that one good catch)

  12. Might wanna keep it shorter next time…

    And also don’t call them by name in your first message unless it’s actually a name pun or something

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