POF : Why did Markus Frind sell Plenty of Fish?

POF : Why did Markus Frind sell Plenty of Fish?

It’s just simple question: does anyone know why Markus Frind sold Plenty of Fish?


He was making millions of dollars a year with it in profit, so I don’t think he needed the money. I read an article where he mentioned having just had his daughter and seeing her start to grow up. I know that originally he barely worked at all–around an hour a day, as the site was mostly automated. Later he said he had almost begun to work regular hours once he hired a bunch of employees. Was it mostly the fact that he actually had started to work at it and was too lazy to continue working on the site? Does anyone know anything else about it?

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  1. He probably sold it because he realised how outdated and broken it was, and that it would require too much time and effort to fix any of it. PoF is a joke; most dating sites are to be honest, especially for guys that are on there looking for a genuine relationship. It’s a numbers game for men, and it certainly seems as though the women are only attracted to the guys that ultimately mistreat them (and then the women wonder why they’re being mistreated). #logic

    I’ve been on PoF for a number of years now (unsuccessfully – I come and go, just don’t log in for a while) but it’s kinda funny to see how many people go back on with new accounts, or how so many members are the same (active) ones as before. Maybe I’ll being overly critical and bias. Who’s to know?

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