Tinder : Simons says cheeks are sexual

Tinder : Simons says cheeks are sexual

Simons says cheeks are sexual

By. Tease_and_please

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  1. Okay I’m trying to get this. What I think is happening here, is that you have pictures of yourself that he was fantasizing about. He extrapolated his fantasy into making judgements about how you present yourself, and gave you unsolicited advice on what to do about that. Even though he’s not talking about a real thing, he’s talking about his fantasy. He’s sort of sexual attraction straw manning you. Or maybe I’m trying to make sense of a weird dude who thought you were pretty and wanted to date you but had no ability to navigate this social situation to make that happen. The cheeks thing really threw me off though, I can’t seem to find a way to think of that as anything other that nonsense

    EDIT: How the fuck you from Oakland talking shit though lol. Nothing good happens in San Jose after 10pm? I hade my car window smashed sometime after 10pm in Oakland so someone could break in and steal a stick of deodorant that was on the backseat. I went to a club in Oakland once and when I went to the bathroom there was a crackhead who was aggressively freestyle battle rapping at everyone who walked over to the urinals. I once got on BART in Oakland and a woman who must have been at least 80 years old grabbed my dick through my pants. Fuck Oakland.

    Umami burger is good tho

  2. When I read “take Eugene shopping”, I was imagining Eugene as his pet pug that he takes everywhere with him. Weird but I thought I’d share in case anyone was imagining the same thing.

  3. Pretty sure he is saying butt cheeks, since he did say body photos. While he’s being a total dimwit this entire time, I think that part makes sense. It was just a very strange way of saying you have a nice ass.

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