POF : Why do I see ‘random road trips’ as an interest on almost every girl’s profile?

POF : Why do I see ‘random road trips’ as an interest on almost every girl’s profile?

And don’t forget traveling. Everybody loves to travel to exotic places and explore new coffee shops and restaurants around the city. As if it’s a defining intellectual quality.

I’m prepared to be down voted, but it doesn’t make any sense. Doesn’t everybody like to travel? It doesn’t make sense to stay in one place for the rest of your life if you have money to go somewhere different.


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  1. It’s a very effective way of making a personal values statement with very few characters in a dating profile. Think about all the things travel and adventure imply:

    1. I want new experiences that are different from my daily routine
    2. I want to date someone of middle class income or better
    3. I want to date someone who has the initiative to do these things now rather than waiting for retirement
    4. I want to date someone who is open-minded and not at all judgemental about other cultures
    5. I enjoy spending time in nature and museums rather than staying in

    Is it cliche? Sure. But it works really well for weeding out unsuitable partners who won’t share those values.

  2. Girls love fitting in. Especially “basic” girls who seem to have infiltrated online dating en masse (mostly Tinder and Bumble). It’s almost as if they look and evaluate each other’s profiles and then copy one another as to make sure they fit in. Women are mainly about trends. So if women start saying “I’m a dog mom” don’t expect for it to be long before almost all women are doing it
    Sounds mean, but it’s the truth. I absolutely detest these kinds of cookie cutter women.

  3. Basic man profile:

    Interests: cars, sports, kayaking

    Main pic: at the gym lifting their shirt to show their abs or laying in bed like they just woke up.
    Occasionally one in a public bathroom throwing a peace sign.

    Honorable mention: School of Hard Knocks

  4. They put them on there because they’d like to do that. And so do I. They are a lot of fun to do together.

    Another cliche is « Love to laugh ». Almost half of all women’s profiles at my age have that. Also all their kids are « amazing » whether teen age or now adult.

    But so what if they all put similar stuff? I’m sure we do it too. Let’s ask them.

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