POF : Worst dating app out there? Over 2/3 bots

POF : Worst dating app out there? Over 2/3 bots

Today after pof becoming unusable I decided to count and report all the fake profiles. In around the first 300 people to come up 213 where bots, scammers or prostitute’s. After reporting them all my account got banned despite following every rule the site has. No response to my emails asking for an explanation.

By. haileythrowaway

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  1. Bots are flooding my area too. They appear to be generic enough to avoid being reported immediately like the less subtle ones, but the profile descriptions are written in very broken English that is sometimes downright nonsensical. It’s pushing me towards deleting my account because the site has been slowly declining and has not been updated in years, especially in regards to stopping spam.


    The Singles Nights are no good for me either since almost everyone who goes is too old for me and don’t seem to be bothered by the stupidly loud music.

  2. « Hi, this is Brad from POF. How are you today? Anyway if you’re not enjoying the POF experience then why not pony up 50 bucks a month and join our sister site, Go on, we’ll just keep letting the quality go down until you do! »

  3. Yeah what looking for is hard to find single white female in early to mid 30s doesn’t have kids but wants them not covered in ink or percings. Getting to be rare these days.

  4. After all bullshit all find trashy single moms covered in ink and piercings.

    Starting to find hudderites.menonites and amish attractive.

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