POF : Why do some people have a photo that is not of themselves?

POF : Why do some people have a photo that is not of themselves?

I have my profile set up in a way where, guys can’t message me first without a photo. Well I got a message from a guy today and he had a photo of a sky with clouds. Whenever I get messages from guys who do that, I look at their profile to see if they have other photos and if they don’t then I don’t respond. I was catfished once and I am not about to let it happen again. I also had a guy who looked nothing like his photos when I got all the way to the date.


What is the point of joining a dating site if you can’t post a photo of yourself?

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  1. M33. Women do that too and I believe it’s because they are either in relationship or being an actual catfish. Less but also possible that they don’t want to disclose their identity because they have friends or relatives on the site as well. Simple question would uncover either of the possibilities.
    My rule is simple. No pics no chat..simple as.

  2. I’ve even seen lots, and I mean LOTS of people who seem to take blurry pictures of pictures of themselves (or someone else) with 1980’s style hairstyles. What’s up with that? We don’t have flip phones or Polaroids anymore. It’s 2018 and camera phones are easy enough to use that my 10 year old is a pro with them.

  3. No real emotional investment until I see an actual candid picture. There are about 4 nearby that grabbed model pictures from Pinterest but POF lets their profiles stay up.

    My grandmother’s dating advice;

    Don’t put any emotion to anyone you’d like to be in a relationship with for the first 3 months minimum, they can’t hold any crazy they have in that long.

  4. Had that shit happen to me.

    Was talking super hardcore about really deep stuff with a beautiful woman, got her number and even talked/joked about meeting up soon. Out of the blue one day she starts acting super weird and sad/defensive and eventually tells me that she’s actually married/in the process of deciding whether to divorce her husband. Then a few hours later follows up that with her pictures were actually of a close friend her husband doesnt know, and she was trying to catfish her husband and prove he was cheating.

    The part I find hilarious is that she’s still super active on the site, so she’s obviously leading other guys on as well.

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