POF : why does every girl have a 2 sentence profile on this site?

POF : why does every girl have a 2 sentence profile on this site?

I write a long funny profile with interesting things about me and every girl has like « i like to go on adventures and have fun…..FAMILY! »

the fuck am i supposed to talk to these people about when they don’t expand

By. trixiedoo

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  1. I tend to avoid light profiles unless user isn’t native English speaker or something else.

    OK, I copy and pasted my profile from another service, but it’s still more effort than nothing.

    I’m a lot more attracted to profiles with information. Better understanding of person.

  2. A good percentage of the guys I come across just fill everything in with « ask me » or something similar. Like we have time to ask every dudebro what he’s into just to figure out the bare minimum. So it’s both sides.

    One time a guy who took the minimalist approach with his profile sent me an equally minimalist message, and when I didn’t respond he sent another along the lines of « so you don’t want to talk? » Feeling a little indignant, I politely responded that it might help if he let me know what his interests were, or what he was looking for. He said a relationship and that I was free to ask him anything… K then. I just had to laugh it off at the point.

    Anyway. I know the struggle. Good luck.

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