POF : Women get bots too

POF : Women get bots too

We get bots too. I just had a guy who was a clear bot message me trying to act like a normal real person. His pictures did not match his words at all. When I asked what he did I could tell he was fake. Anytime I have encountered a bot they were always saying they were in the service and that they were looking for serious relationship. Twice I asked where he was from and he said New York the second time I said I know but where in NY but I still got New York. Then I called them out for being fake and said I was reporting them. They threatened to report me. So women do get bots

By. rsoxgal36

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  1. I had a scammer, he legit made it sound like he just travelled around a lot but would be near me soon. I got really suspicious really fast ofc but played along. Asked him to contact him off the site and he basically said he could only talk via email. Uhhh huh as someone who travels all over North America you don’t have a cell phone? HmmmmMmmmMmmmMm

  2. That sounds like a legit scam more than an actual bot. The bots I’ve gotten are obviously automated.
    It still sucks though. POF is easily exploitable.

  3. Interesting. What do these male bots want? I know that for us men the bait is a beautiful revealing picture (no genuine profiles have such pictures, at least not at my part of the age spectrum). The switch is in the profile bio. They basically offer casual sex and spell out an email phonetically. Then they give you a story and steer you to a site that will take your credit card number. You are immediately charged over $150. I know this for a true fact ;D. Visa was pretty good about not charging me but I had to change my card #.

    The cringe was the lady at the Visa call center (with a delightful Caribbean accent) reading the names of the porn sites I had unwittingly subscribed to. Highly embarrassing!!

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