POF : Women of POF; How often should a guy text you to keep your interest?

POF : Women of POF; How often should a guy text you to keep your interest?

It has happened to me three times in a row already. I meet a girl on the site, after a few messages we exchange phone numbers. We begin texting back and forth for a couple of days. I get busy and stop texting for a few days. When I finally text back, the girl doesn’t respond. I am assuming they thought I ghosted when they hadn’t heard from me, but really I just don’t feel the need to text every single day.

By. lubu222

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  1. Guy here. You stop texting for a few days? How busy could you be that you cant even send a « hey hows it going » type text? Even if you cant respond right away it shows youre interested in them. They probably do feel you ghosted them and moved on to the next. You cant be doing that when they have tons of other guys messaging them trying to get their attention.

  2. I usually call, they really appreciate it over typing paragraphs. It’s a phone use it as one, texts are when you’re working don’t uses it as reason not to talk to someone.

    I’ll text in the morning before 8am while they’re get ready for the day. Quick and simple.

    Good morning, fingers crossed Monday goes smooth for us I’ll call you this evening.

    Call at lunch sometimes to say hi just say you’ve got to get lunch so do I, I’ll call you this evening and tell them bye.

    Heavy communication over the weekend don’t expect the same during the week.

    Don’t be a pen pal you can fall into that area real fast.

  3. It depends on how attractive the girl is. The more attractive, then the more you have to text. The less attractive, the less need to text.

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