POF : WomenAgainstOnlineDouche’Bags

POF : WomenAgainstOnlineDouche’Bags

Post Your Horror Stories!! NO NAMES! Get creative If you have a pic Blur the eyes out!!

By. WAOD_42

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  1. I had a guy send me a first message asking if I was irish because his penis was dublin.


    Another guy and I started talking and he seemed great but I realized how far away he lived from me (He was over an hr away) and I politely said sorry I realized you are outside of my range. He went from nice guy to telling me to F off and that my mother dresses me funny.


    Another guy seemed nice until we exchanged numbers. He called me right away and starts an argument with me and then proceeds to say why are you starting an argument with me. Then says he is going to sleep with the lady from the bank if I don’t uber to his place. I was seriously scared and I blocked his number completely.

  2. Came out of a bad break, so I threw myself into online stuff to move on. Started talking to a girl from POF, ignored some red flags, when we met, she turned out to be racist and just a trash person. My roommate is a single mom, she said she blames the mothers for getting pregnant from trash men, not the men for leaving. Stuff like that. I had to wait til her ride was coming later that night, so I am trying to ride this night out. Eventually she starts pushing pills on me, and attempted to rape me after she took some. At this point I give no fucks about her waiting outside for hours to be picked up and kick her out. She falls down my stairs, I guide her to the bus she needs if she wants to hit up the hospital, but she still isn’t staying here any more. She spent weeks making fake profiles on Facebook to send me angry messages about how I didn’t reject her, she is rejecting me etc. I blocked each one never responding. She also didn’t care when I said I didn’t even have any condoms, sure it was a lie, but that didn’t work the way she hoped.

  3. Is there a website dedicated to this? I’ve been trying to look for a place I can enter a username and see people’s reviews of specific users, does this exist?

  4. Found out my SO has a profile on POF…He had asked me what things/activities we could do to improve our relationship…. Yeah that’s all things he « likes to do » on his profile

    BTW: FML

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