POF : Worst pof dates in 20 words or less!

POF : Worst pof dates in 20 words or less!

Hey guys I’m curious what’s all of your worst dates off pof. And if it’s juicy or crazy even better!

By. CausalStoner

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  1. Met up with a girl for drinks on a first meetup. She sounded like an alcoholic and we weren’t clicking at all so I called it a wrap after 2-3 drinks. The next day she messages asking what time I got home that evening and it was several hours later. She got really pissed off because she didn’t get more free drinks out of me haha.

  2. I have 2 of them I will never forget:


    First one

    a guy who looked nothing like his photos, as in taller and older and just didn’t match.



    A guy who had just within about 2hrs before meeting shot up something in his arm

  3. She was already there. Been drinking for 2 hours apparently and begging me to support her and love her. I noped out of there really fast

  4. It is definitely the worst but the best in a way lol. It’s a fun story to tell. First things first. I need to meet a wonderful young lady to tell it to:P

  5. Guy stated talking about « when I move in » and thought I was a good « mother » catch because he had 3 little kids and I had two grown up ones. One date.

  6. She talked for three hours straight. I got in less than thirty words. The waitress saved me, she got shunted off about thirty times and then swooped in with the bill and debit machine. Saved my bacon.

  7. We were put on a waiting list for dinner (2hrs) an arcade restaurant, finally sit down, he runs off because he decides I needed a balloon hat, the waitress thinks I’ve been ditched (I wasnt sure), he comes back 25minutes later, hands me an alien balloon hat because « You’re weird like this hat » (I was wearing a knee length skirt and high heels), the waitress gives him shit for leaving me alone with food infront of myself ..waiting for him… he then demands that I pay for dinner because she hurt his feelings since he was so nice to get me a balloon hat. He was in his mid 30s.

    He also said my truck was a POS and I should get in his car to hear his sound system and come home with him.


    I went on a date with a different guy who took me to a gun show (not my choice?) then when drive back to our meet up spot he fucking turns around and stops at a Wendy’s to introduce me to his parents/family who were there.

  8. Went on date, went great told me she wanted to see me again, ghosted right after


    Went on date after a month of texting due to jobs, wound up having sex, blocked right after

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