POF : Would you rather…

POF : Would you rather…

Genuine question –

Would you rather a girl responds to your message saying something like “thanks but not interested” or ignore your message?

I responded to a guy once who put loads of effort into a message saying I wasn’t interested and he took that to mean starting a conversation. I had to end up blocking him because of the constant messages (I responded a couple of times before).

If I don’t respond I get second messages with”who do you think you are ignoring me” and guys getting angry / rude.

I see loads of people on here saying “I never get a response” but genuinely what would you rather get?


By. SexySailorMoon

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What do you think?

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  1. Just like women aren’t all the same. Men aren’t either. Generally, we get the message when you ignore us but some are certainly socially inept.
    For me? Being ignored is better. Then I can pretend you never saw it.

  2. You can’t win, do what you think is right.


    The problem is people want to believe in romance, that if someone would talk to them there’s a chance that person might enjoy talking and a relationship would be built from doing that, and the women who don’t talk appear to be wasting potential, its a hard belief to shake, especially if you messages a hundred women and you found that none of them respond or want to talk to you, its rather unsettling to think about as an individual and I can see why there’s so much aggression, who likes feeling that undesirable?


    The real issue is the balance is fucked, women have much, much higher standards than men, women don’t message every guy in the local area, they don’t need to, they are absolutely bombarded by messages from men wanting to talk, wanting sex, basically every range of human behavior expressed digitally.


    There’s no good answer, decide for yourself, I would rather have a world where men and women have equal desire for each other and its not difficult for a man to find a partner, but that won’t happen.

  3. I’m honestly fine with either. I know its an awkward situation so I appreciate the reply and having my message at least acknowledged. But I don’t expect it by any means. A good 90-95% of my messages get ignored anyhow, so at the end of the day its no sweat off my back. People just take things way too personally sometimes.

    In the online dating game, or the dating game in general you have to expect rejection. If you don’t then you’re going to have a bad time.

  4. I rather be ignored. You can tell when the woman aren’t into the conversation anyway and my messages are usually just « Hey, what’s up » or « good morning ». She’ll decide when she sees my pics so I send one message and leave it alone

  5. I would much rather get a message saying you’re not interested.

    But then I’m actually normal and would not continue to harass you after the fact.

  6. It’s better to not say anything. If you reject some one (even politely) they are likely to get offended and will sometimes lash out at you. Both men and women are guilty of it.

  7. I have zero issues with not replying. I do the same. I think it’s pointless getting a reply back and giving that little hope they are interested. Creates a false sense of hope. If you don’t reply to me, I move on. I get the point.

  8. Well you can’t make everyone happy.

    When a person is ignored often leaves the person feeling unwanted or to that degree.

    When a person is told they are not into you aka rejected, more of the persons feelings are involved and hurt.

    However people respond to the situation differently so one person after being rejected might just be like that’s ok good luck, however others on the other hand find that very hurtful and the only way to make themselves feel better is to lash out at you.


    I’ve had a few girls say they are not into me and what I did? I just told them good luck with their find. Cause it’s pointless lashing out.. doesn’t get you anywhere.

    I’d say depending on the situation, I recommend leaving a polite reply you are not into them and hope they can move on. If they lash out then block and move on. If they wish you best of luck or something them that’s great.


    I recommend ignoring people who become too sexual or aggressive.

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