POF : WTF!!! No one real on there anymore just fakes and nut jobs

POF : WTF!!! No one real on there anymore just fakes and nut jobs

So going trough profiles and there is one that has the headline “someone who can be both ????” So I replied quoting that line and said “both what” and they replied with “😇&😈” and before I could reply they blocked me!!!!!!


By. WalkindudeX

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  1. All the top dating sites have them, it’s just part of the system. Dating websites are kind of 2010, mobile apps are the way.

    If you’re looking for a relationship, try hinge app.

    If you’re looking to bump uglies tinder app, it’s prime was 2014, but it’s a shot.

    Don’t relay just on POF or online dating, get out an do shit in your community you’ll be amazed how many people you’ll meet.

  2. I’m probably quitting POF soon, but not for the same reason. It just takes too much effort while getting nothing. I’m definitely taking TxBlackLabelRx’s advice and moving to mobile apps to see how it works out. Certainly less frustrating when you don’t have to write messages.

  3. Yeah pretty much. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if pof had sold their users account information to third parties. Even tinder and meetme did this, while also allowing bot accounts to ping profile views and to scam users into phishing attempts.

    It’s either narcissists/trolls/catfish/trannies who don’t wanna say their trannies/ or escorts

    Atleast in Vegas idk

  4. Just to give a comparison…

    POF I sent out 8 messages unique to each profile on Sunday afternoon….

    I got one view…

    Bumble app, I got three matches and got messages from all three that evening.

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