These tips to drive him crazy in a kiss

These tips to drive him crazy in a kiss

These tips to drive him crazy in a kiss

I close my eyes just before

« Not knowing when her lips are going to touch mine makes my lower stomach vibrate. » This short moment makes the kiss even more intense. I love to close my eyes right before he kisses me. It suspends the moment slightly and the kiss is only better ”. Fanny, 28 years old.

I put my hand on her cheek

“Touching her lips is already exciting. But if I put my hand on her cheek or on her knee when she kisses me, it makes me completely take off. Touching another part of her body during the kiss immediately transports me. »Louise, 25 years old.

I put on the tongue

“When I slide my tongue into her mouth, everything becomes very erotic and passionate. It might sound a little trivial or less romantic than a chaste kiss, but to me it means a lot. Everyone has their own technique! »Marie, 34 years old.

I bite her lip

« The little extra to make a kiss memorable? » I bite her upper lip. A small gesture that makes the kiss a little more complex and exciting. It’s the little sexy side of the quivering lip that changes everything! »Claire, 29 years old.

I hug my body to his

“For me, in a kiss, it’s not just the lips that touch. When I want to make this moment special, I press my body against hers, pressing my hand against her lower back. So, I really feel like the whole body is participating in this kiss. »Patricia, 41 years old.

I kiss her after an argument

“The post-fight kiss is one of the best kisses in the world. When you have your nerves in the ball and you have come up against him, you have to know how to say to yourself “If I kiss him now, it will be incredible”, and it is. The moment the tension drops in a fraction of a second and you know you really love it! »Véronique, 36 years old.

I choose the perfect moment

“It’s not just the way to kiss, it’s the moment that matters a lot too. A kiss before leaving on a trip or before a long day at work is often more intense than a quick stolen kiss. The perfect time for me is the morning before the break from the day. »France, 39 years old.

I flavor my lips

“The taste of a kiss can change everything. I just have to apply a little lip gloss on my lips and the kiss gets better, for me and for him too! Afterwards, I like to change the fragrance of lip balm to surprise my lover, my favorite is raspberry! »Muriel, 29 years old.

I steal the kiss

« It’s even better when the kiss isn’t planned. » When I decide to sneak my mouth closer to hers. When I read the surprise, then the pleasure on his face. Stealing a kiss, for me, makes the moment amazing. »Danièle, 38 years old.

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