Tinder : I Used Tinder to Find a Plug😂

Tinder : I Used Tinder to Find a Plug😂

When I got back from college for summer break, my hometown plug had moved away and I didn’t have any other connections. After a month, I figured dealers gotta get lonely too, right? I put up a bunch of my cute pictures as an eye catcher but stated explicitly in my bio that I wasn’t looking for love or sex and it’d be best to unmatch me unless they had flower to sell. Lo and behold, after a week of constant swiping, 326 matches, and a sea of ‘Hey’s, ‘Damn you’re pretty’s, and ‘I’m not a plug but let’s fuck anyway’s, I found my guy. Not a super interesting story but I figured it was worth sharing ¯_(ツ)_/¯

By. pastelhunie

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