Dating : Profiles on tinder

Dating : Profiles on tinder

Is it just me or do other guys enjoy reading someone’s profile?

Most of the time I see a blank profile but a Pretty face I almost immidiately swipe left. I like to get a idea of a person so in the event of for some reason some one actually swiping right on me as well, we have things to talk about.

I should start sacrificing goats I heard I’d does wonders for you on tinder lmao

What do you think?


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  1. I’m a lady and I’m the same way. Even if a guy is hot, I’ll immediately swipe left if he doesn’t take the time to fill out anything. Especially on apps like OKC – just go back to Tinder if you’re not going to fill out your profile or you’re only going to put less than a sentence worth of material in your bio. That being said, I also don’t usually read too much into a person’s profile until we match. Mostly I just look through their pics, see if they have a bio/info, see if they have kids, and swipe right/left. Even then, I’ll sometimes swipe right and then go back and unmatch if they say they have kids or are just looking for a hookup after we’ve matched.

  2. Profiles are largely a waste… Save the getting to know each other for in person. The app is to decide if y’all want each other physically, everything else is down to the date(s).

    IMO, someone should create a dating app where you submit video responses to questions, and instead of texting, you record your voice like using « telegram » or an app like that.

    I think humor would be a lot easier to convey, same with sarcasm etc, and it’d make things a little more real.

    As for success on tinder, time… Just give it a LOT of time, years if necessary, you’ll get a few hits here and there.

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