POF : Not as many messages on pof as I’m getting older?

POF : Not as many messages on pof as I’m getting older?

I used to have a plenty of fish years ago when I was 21 and I used to get loads of messages on it all the time. I was working back then. I am now 27 and not working at the moment. I decided to make a pof again and I have hardly been getting any messages. My looks have hardly changed much from when I was 21. I don’t know if it is maybe because I am unemployed now that the women on it seem to be less interested? Or if it is generally just more difficult to meet women as you get older? Another issue I find with pof is a lot of the guys on it are on the hunt and the women on it generally get much more messages than the guys. But like I say there is a big difference in how many messages I got on pof when I was 21 compared to now when I’m 27, and like I say my looks haven’t really changed, and I am still about the same weight. So I don’t know if it maybe is the not working or if women just seem to be more difficult to meet as they get older.

By. Skaterdreww

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  1. I once came across a profile of a 22 year old with three kids who was expecting « Thor » to message her. Yo know, tall handsome and muscular guy with heavy cash flow. Women of our generation are just out of their minds.

  2. I don’t state my job and leave it blank , also most women leave me on read . Or read deleted or unread deleted .

    Like dang I’m not that the worst guy , I am a good guy in my personal opinion .

    It’s tough out there online .

  3. I am 36 and the same thing is happening to me. I started out on POF in 2009 and had the best luck on there. Was with a guy for 2yrs before we ended it due to distance. I also had a short term off there. POF is not what it was anymore

  4. It’s the way the filtering process works on dating sites… most girls in their early 20’s probably are searching for people ages 20 – 25. I’m a year older than you and I’ve noticed what you’re noticing as well. It’s definitely a shitty situation.

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