Dating : How do I even date people ?

Dating : How do I even date people ?

Hi everyone !

So… Here’s the deal.
I (24M) just got out of a very demanding relationship and I’m kinda looking for… Dates ? I guess. Nothing too serious in any case.

I’m a rather good-looking dude, I have good manners, hygiene and clothing. When my friends talk about me they tend to say that I’m a charismatic and knowledgeable man.

However, despite being a « datable » guy, I can’t seem to attract any women at parties. I’m kinda shy and ooening out to people is a real challenge to me.

I’m kinda lost when it comes to dating and I just feel like I never learned what to do or what not to do.
How do I even talk to a woman without making her incopfortable ?
How do I tell someone that I like them ?

Women notice me, they talk to me. That’s a fact.
But I seriously can’t do more than « talking » because I’ deeply terrified of making them feel unease… So I shut myself out.

So… Here’s the deal.
I’m seriously open to suggestions and advices.

Before anyone asks, I never had this issue before. I had several girlfriends in the past… This seems like a new issue.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Notice when a woman flirts with you. Common flirting behavior for women in American culture – eye contact and smile, then looking away, then repeating. Tilting their head, touching their hair while talking to you, touching your forearm while making a point.

    If a woman is flirting with you, just say « I’d like to see you again. Up for coffee or a cocktail? »

    If she says yes, ask for her phone number. I know a lot of younger people do this « follow on Instagram » or Snapchat, but it’s hard to really communicate.

    Then text her, and set up a date. Or call her and have chat. Keep initial contacts short and sweet.

    If you have a good coffee/cocktail date, then ask her out for a proper dinner or other activity. .

  2. If your ugly your chances are slim. Don’t listen to these people saying personality is all that matters. When do you see non good looking guys who are young with women? Never.

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