Tinder : I’m disapointed

Tinder : I’m disapointed

Last night I had a nice conversation with 23 years old guy. We agreed on meeting today and he didn’t show up. I texted him I’m driving and he said that too. And when I refreshed the app few minutes after the conversation disappeared so I assume he must have deleted it. It gave me adrenaline boost and now when he stood me up. I’m feeling very low right now..

By. nsplgh

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  1. He sucks, don’t be sad! It probably had nothing to do with you. He’s either very socially anxious and chickened out or he’s a catfish

  2. I’m sorry that happened to you. It happened to me before. Just keep your head up, you’ll meet someone worthy of your time when you least expect it. And it might not even be on tinder!

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