Dating : Ladies, what is your opinion on a guy living with his ex?

Dating : Ladies, what is your opinion on a guy living with his ex?

The guy here being me of course. So long story short, I’m about to move in with my best friend, who is a girl, and happens to be my ex-girlfriend. And no, it’s not like that. We are genuinely friends and have no romantic feelings towards each other (crazy, I know, but it happens). So my question is, how would you feel dating/seeing someone in this living situation? Would it put you off? Any insight would be greatly appreciated .

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  1. Met a girl in same situation. Guys would be into her until they found this out. She eventually got pregnant by a refugee and has ruined her life.

  2. There are girls that would be okay with this but it will really, *really* filter your dating pool. I am a single twenty-something girl and I wouldn’t entertain this but I know girls that would.

  3. I am currently living with my ex bf and have been for 2 years. We have exactly the same relationship that you do – we’re best friends with no romantic feelings at all anymore. Just over a year ago he started dating his current gf. She moved in about 6 months ago. We make it work and it isn’t awkward at all, but we are all moving out in about a month so that they can have their own place.

    I think it can definitely work depending on the people involved but it isn’t sustainable in the long term. Much better than housesharing with strangers though lol.

  4. As someone who is pretty close with a couple of ex boyfriends I wouldn’t say its’s a deal breaker, but It will definitely cause people to be wary. Many people can’t even handle their s.o. being friends with exes, so it will certainly limit the people who will want to date you.

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