Tinder : Profile Review – Week of June 04, 2019

Tinder : Profile Review – Week of June 04, 2019

Post information about you/your profile here and get it reviewed just in time for the weekend.

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  1. Hey everyone. I would really appreciate feedback on my profile and welcome any criticisms whatsoever!


    6’0″/Biology Pre-PA/Vodka Redbull enthusiast/ Looking for a badass because I already have a good ass. (Good asses are still encouraged tho)

  2. 23 / M / Straight
    Think it’s about time to get on tinder, but I don’t really have a lot to work with at the moment because I’m notoriously camera shy. Am planning to get some better and more diverse photos through the summer.

    Would it be worth it to make a tinder and put some of these up or should I wait to get some better pics? Whic pics may be used? Any feedback is most welcome!

  3. I would appreciate any advice because I have not gotten any matches 🙁


    32/ male / straight

    my bio says :

    I like talking walks, going out to coffee shops and bars, exercising: running, swimming, biking; go to concerts, movies and events; in home I like reading and sometimes playing videogames; someday I would like to live again in another cities, finishing a triathlon and become a scientist

    Me gusta pasear, salir a cafeterías y bares, hacer ejercicio: correr, nadar, bici; ir a conciertos, al cine y a eventos; en casa me gusta mucho leer y a veces jugar videojuegos; algún día me gustaría vivir otra vez en otras ciudades, hacer un triatlón y ser investigador científico

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  4. Need some help with my bio. This is what I have been using, but not getting many matches. 32/m

    >I love to sit at home and read, but I shamelessly dance when the moment strikes me.

    >I love a good beer, finding hidden gem restaurants, and great coffee.

    >Radiolab is my go to podcast.

    >My playlist reads like a chaotic lesson in sound, but most people enjoy when I put on a song

  5. 25/Straight/Male

    Pics and bio:

    Back on here after a while, I have had pretty good results with the pictures and bio I am using. I should probably have an anthem or link IG.

    Noob boost maybe? I am getting more likes & matches than I had ever got before using the app.

    There’s always room to improve, tell me how and why you would change my profile.

  6. Full figured woman looking for ways to disclose said feature in my profile without being super weird about it.

    Yes, I have full body photos, but I’m very proportionate everywhere so it doesn’t exactly look “full figured”.

  7. 25/M/Straight

    I posted here a few months back but gave up after a few weeks of no matches and some back to back ghosting after dates. I’m moving to a new, big city so I figured I’d try again!


    My bio is

    – Literally a stand-up comedian. Player of 8 different musical instruments. My name’s not actually Thomas and no one can pronounce my real one. Swipe right if you want to be the girl in the « So my girlfriend » jokes.

    Also some questions for y’all

    – I have abs (finally!) What is the best way to not be weird about showing off that I’m in pretty decent shape? I have gym selfies for progress pics but nothing else really.

    – I don’t get my picture taken often so I’m clueless as to what a good photo is. Any advice would be helpful!

  8. Looking for bio advice. I’m going to another city, which I’ve never been to, for work and I’m honestly tryna just have a bio that isn’t complete garbage

  9. Can I (22M) get some feedback on my bio? Trying to get a functional bio before I start up an account.

    Avid follower of the Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Sounders and the Seattle Mariners, just to give you a sense of my loyalty.

    I come with aspirations to to travel the world to see new things and try new food.

    Accepting applications for a partner to join me on those experiences

    Recent UW Biology graduate




    Help a brother out. I have 50 matches after a month, want to work on my profile. The unclear picture in my profile of me in my car has been replaced by the same picture that is much higher quality (also shown in the album). Gimme advice?

  11. [](


    25 y/o, Currently own a small business called Night Cap Recovery Solutions tailored to CBD/Protein Drinks for the Fitness Industry. I’ve spent the last 8 years coaching football at NC State, Nebraska, MTSU and Track and Field for the Nigerian/Ghana/Bahrain Olympic teams. I am willing to try almost anything once. I love new experiences and hope to convey my open personality through my profile. I’m not the largest sports fan in the world although It’s been a large part of my life to say the least so I try to limit my pictures from athletics.

    I would appreciate some help picking a few pictures, my most often used pictures are at the top and I threw in some others that highlight my personality. Tell me what ya think, no worries on being honest haha

  12. 20 M UK

    1. Lover of top quality shows.
    2. Will always offer the last slice/piece of food.
    3. I make an excellent big spoon.
    4. Always collecting hoodies for you to “borrow”.
    1. Might annoy you with all the references I make.
    2. Food palate is a little basic.
    3. On the chubbier side of things.”

    [My Pics (In Order)](

    Any advice would be appreciated

  13. 23/M/S Deleted the app for a few months, going into summer I have now properly got over my last relationship and have more time for looking for dates (or hookups, I’m just bored of being entirely single). Haven’t had any matches for ages; photos above the bio pic are the ones I’m currently using, please let me know if any other should be included/ reordered! Happy to return the favour 🙂

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