Dating : There’s a big Kyle MacLachlan cardboard cutout looming over my bed, should I get rid of it?

Dating : There’s a big Kyle MacLachlan cardboard cutout looming over my bed, should I get rid of it?

Alright so I’ve been seeing this girl and we’re gonna have sex in a couple days for the first time together. I was wondering if I should get rid of this life sized cardboard cutout of Twin Peaks star Kyle MacLachlan in my room. It’s positioned so that he’s staring right at whoever’s in the bed. I put it there I like having Agent Cooper watch over me while I sleep, but that’s irrelevant. Do you think Kyle would be off putting for her? Would it be a turn off? Does Paul Atreides make you horny? Please help the clock is ticking.

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  1. Keep it up man. I have a creepy plastic gorilla piggy bank on my top shelf that I have tilted so it looks down on my bed. It holds sentimental value and is kind of a family heirloom. It creeps the hell out of my girlfriend but we joke about it. If this girl is the one for you you gotta be true to yourself so keep it up if it means something to you and she’ll stick around, or at least the poster won’t be the reason things don’t work out

  2. So far I’m the odd one, but I vote to remove it/put it in the closet or something. Your first time together is something she’ll think back on if you stay together, and I’d personally want to make the whole situation something that makes her want to come back for more and not risk anything that’d potentially make the situation less enjoyable. It’s up to you and there are so many unknown variables.

    I could personally power through it (I’ve never seen twin peaks/don’t know who that is) but I’ve also had sex through other odd moments that might take someone out.

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