Tinder : Respect the game!

Tinder : Respect the game!

Respect the game!

By. kv_k

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  1. I reported a girl that I matched with on bumble that told me after a very long time of talking to each other and almost setting up a date that she just turned 16…a couple days later I came across her tinder profile

  2. Any mention of sugar daddy bs and that’s a one way ticket to the report function. Also anyone just shamelessly plugging an IG which is mostly photos in various states of undress.

  3. Y’all are thinking that tinder gives a shit. Without the hoes, there is no bitches and without the bitches there are no guys and without the guys, there is no turnover.

  4. Back in my online dating days my Tinder profile was literally a catfish by the name “Fishy”. I got more matches than I did as a human woman before someone reported me and now I can no longer use Tinder. Worth it

  5. I used to have these buddies who would make fake tinder accounts just to mess with other kids who went/graduated from our school. Needless to say I don’t wanna get catfished by them so I don’t have a tinder

  6. Don’t do this. The catfish’s are the only ones that’ll talk to me. Sure they always want money but for that brief moment I can think someone somewhere likes me.

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