Dating : When Communication/Flirtation Goes Down, Is Persistence Key? Or Patience?

Dating : When Communication/Flirtation Goes Down, Is Persistence Key? Or Patience?

I started talking to a guy I really like recently. We haven’t gone on a date yet because of timing and a one hour distance (which isn’t that bad)

We text a lot as a result.

I noticed that lately he’s been slowly dipping in responsiveness and flirtation.

I’ll bring up something like « Hey how was work? Feel free to call me if you want to talk about it or vent! »

Completely dodges that remark.

Or something like « When are we going to smash sometime? » (a double joke – references having sex/playing super smash bros)

Completely dodges that comment.

He actually left me hanging too! I feel like texting him something like « Good morning! Hope you have a good day! » to kind of dispel the comment.

I’m not sure what to do. I always hate when I really start to like someone and they decide to go silent. It’s really annoying.

I don’t want to be persistent either because that will just make it worse, right?

Advice would be great.


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What do you think?

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  1. To be honest if he doesn’t respond even to double entendre it sounds like he has lost interest. I would ask him out with a time and place as a final effort and if he doesn’t say yes then don’t bother texting again

  2. From the male side – making a girl wait for a response is easily the most effective and cheapest way to get a girl interested. I make them wait at least an hour. Why? Because I’m busy. Or I have another girl on the line and I have options. Or because I’m in a meeting (I do have a career, you know) and I’m an important man. At least that’s what I want them to think. That’s just for starters and it fucking works. Period.

    A girl who dumped my sorry ass for a restaurant owner started contacting me again. I was genuinely busy at the auto auction bidding on carious cars (I work for a dealer) and didn’t respond. Then I forgot. She essentially stalked me. She somehow got into my apartment building and knocked on my door. Residents aren’t supposed to let people in, thats why there’s a RFID lock system. I opened the door – nope. Not interested.

  3. I have a similar situation however, I just met the guy online last year. We kept on texting for months (like every day), he was « that » interested before. He suddenly got busy bc he has to finish his studies (an engineering student btw) and whenever we text each other, it takes weeks or even months before he replies (yeah I was so patient and understanding). Lowkey ghosting! I just came into a realization that maybe he was not interested unlike before so I decided not to bother him anymore. It’s just that it became a cycle and it sucks! Well, not sooo bad for a year of communicating. No regrets, I’m taking it as an experience.


    If they’re that interested, they will make time and effort for you no matter how busy they are.

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