POF : Plenty of %$ »£ing idiots.

POF : Plenty of %$ »£ing idiots.

And a banning system based on getting blocked, run away people, pof is shit!

By. Serveradman

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  1. Bro pof ain’t that hard to figure out, just put forward the best version of yourself, go gym, be charming, funny and insightful.
    Have a decent high paying job a couple of tattoos and what else … A beard gotta have a beard .

    All jokes side the most important thing stop acting like these women owe u something they looking for companionship or a beat (sex), same as u, find your feet by just talking with no expectations and work on building a rapport.
    Women can smell frustration and desperation and do not react well to it.
    I had to learn how to do this whole internet dating thing and if I can pull it off there is no reason u cant either.
    Stick with it, I promise u it will get better also nothings stopping u from talking to women in real life either

  2. In order for you to get blocked by someone on POF and banned you had to have done something that was going against their rules and regulations

  3. If you’re getting blocked that much surely you do something wrong? Or is this the POF way of ending a conversation? I expect there to be other ways as either that or ghosting.

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