Dating : I need advice!

Dating : I need advice!

Hey so have this girl my number last night and she was down for a beer later in the week. I told her to text me anytime but I’m thinking about texting her and trying to talk for a bit. Is this too soon? Or did I screw myself with the text ME anytime?

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  1. I probably wouldn’t text her just to talk. If she said she was down to grab a beer with you later in the week text her to actually make plans for that to happen, then you can talk to her all you want, in person!

  2. you didn’t screw yourself but you put the ball in her court. texting to fast can come off as to needy. however, my opinion would be text a day before meeting with her and say « you are looking forward to meeting up tomorrow ».


    if you must text her wait until tomorrow.

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