Tinder : Silly question regarding one of my pictures

Tinder : Silly question regarding one of my pictures

So, I sold my motorcycle a couple months ago… but I have a picture with it that I really like.

Should I use it on my profile?

By. TTR21

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What do you think?

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  1. If a woman swipes on you just for a motorcycle do you really want that woman??

    Post whatever pictures you want friend 🙂 if you think it looks good then do it!
    If they only care about the bike they are shallow and unworthy.

    Or alternatively you could say something about it in your bio if you’re really concerned about misleading people.

  2. Might as well use it! It highlights a part of your personality! There are plenty of guys that flex in front of Lamborghinis that don’t actually have one! I don’t really think it’s a catfish lol

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