Dating : [I Need Advice] How bad is this, really?

Dating : [I Need Advice] How bad is this, really?

F, 26. I work in one of those household name retail stores. For a while earlier this year I’d been crushing on this guy that works in another department to me, A. Nothing ever came of it but my feelings never faded, I just put them at the back of my mind assuming nothing would ever happen.

About 3 months ago B, who works in the same place in another different department, slid into my DMs and started chatting me up. I liked him more than I thought I would but knew he had a reputation as a player, and we spent some time together outside of work but nothing ever happened and it died down. I think he was put off by the fact that I wanted that connection with someone…a real relationship, and he only wanted sex.

After a few weeks of not hearing from B, I assumed it was well and truly over and so signed up for OLD. Who found me on there? A. We’ve gotten close and talked a lot, and now we’ve set up a date for next week which I’m over the moon about. I like him a lot, and we’re both looking for the same things and really I feel lucky that this guy I was crushing on is so good and genuine and is actually interested in me too. But I’m worried about the fact that I almost had a fling with B and am now dating A, two guys in the same workplace.

Be honest with me, how bad does this look?

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  1. You didn’t have a fling with B, you just talked to him outside of work. No reason for shame. That is easy to explain if A is curious. You’re fine. Good luck:)

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