Tinder : Story Time – Week of June 03, 2019

Tinder : Story Time – Week of June 03, 2019

Feel free to use this thread to discuss all of your Tinder dates from the past week.

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  1. It seems I haven’t had time to update in awhile – mostly because there’s been quite some positives happening lately!

    A few weeks ago [I wrote about 3 guys]( I had set up dates with for the same weekend, all in this ambitious attempt to get Stylish knobhead out of my heart and mind.

    With the Chef we had our 2nd date as scheduled on the Saturday. It was dinner, drinks, super-icky romance and a very tingling-inducing make-out session in an alleyway to round of the many hours we spent together. The following week I was going for my planned 1-week Spain trip and he said he really wanted to see me before I head off, so he came to meet me for my lunch hour on the Tuesday. We sat on the grass outside the palace eating our lunch and making romantic googly eyes at each other. The things he says to me are just truly charming and sweet. Sometimes I find myself thinking he might be full of crap, but he’s got this aura about him that just shows he’s such a genuine guy and he doesn’t seem to have much of a filter so he can’t hide his feelings very well. He even told me he was gonna have a beer with his ex-gf who he hadn’t seen in 3 months, just for a catch up. I actually felt a little sting when he said that and almost wished he hadn’t told me, but atleast he’s just honest.

    I go off on my holiday and we still keep messaging every day while I’m abroad, sending pics and cute thoughts. This week we had our 4th date and oh boy, I think we’re really heading towards very relationship-y emotions. In his words ‘I think this is getting into the deep end of a relationship and the only thing I’m worried about is that it’s been 6 months since my break-up with my ex and already I’m feeling like this with you’. I told him I don’t want to rush into anything and rather take it nice & slow. Thing is also that we haven’t slept together yet – our 5th date is this coming Sunday and he’ll stay over for the first time. It’s absolutely exciting and also really scary! I’m a very ermm, experienced, woman in the sense of sexual partners, so the fact that this scenario scares me can only mean I truly like him….and I do. Like, a lot. He’s been nothing but good to me – he communicates well (so well!), he always lets me know I’m wonderful & beautiful, he makes time for me as much as he can, he still thinks I’m out of his league, he’s a very extraordinary human being in my eyes. So fingers crossed for me that it’ll all go well.

    The 3rd guy I mentioned in my last update is also still in the picture, I’ll call him Solicitor. We had our 2nd date last Sunday and it was great. But with him I think I’m more physically attracted to him than anything else. That might stem from the vibes I get about him liking to play the dating field quite actively, so maybe it’s just me keeping my guard up. We do have a sleepover date already planned tho, he lives over an hour outside London so he’s invited me to go explore his town and to stay the night.

    How can it be that I suddenly have 2 guys with potential circling around? And neither of them cause me any emotional stress? I’m fully aware that things can come tumbling down very quickly and suddenly but so be it then. I only now know that this is how I want things to be, f*ck all the guys that have kept me hanging or treated me like I’m not worthy of being treated right. The Chef makes me smile every day and I realise I can still develop true feelings for someone. The Solicitor adds a mysterious level of excitement. Right now I’m just happy and content and on Sunday the Chef will exorcise Stylish guy out of my vagina, as he’s still the last person I slept with, geez!

  2. A female friend of my friend was texting for him on Tinder a bit.


    Holy shit, « Behind enemy lines » got a new meaning for me. Engaging conversations and the girls (6 in total) were all answering immediately.


    So I matched with this girl about a month ago,
    She was my last match on Tinder.

    I was constantly being ghosted and just couldn’t really connect with most people (I became friends with one girl atleast) But I find german Tinder is nothing like this subbreddit sadly.
    I had my account paused and properly deleted it yesterday.

    Anyway, our scheduling was shit and we wanted to go out on a date like 2-3 weeks ago lol.
    It ended up being yesterday and I’m not sure what happened…
    We met in town, she came up to me with a big smile on her face (I think she was really looking forward to it) and sadly we didn’t chat for long about one thing, it felt shit not being able to find common ground and always having to change topic…
    We got some ice-cream, my jokes and stories had her laugh and giggle here and then, but it really wasn’t going great.

    I’m not a party/clubbing guy – I rather have slow nights, 2 or 3 beers, card games, chatting and that in small groups.

    She’s a clubbing girl, knows all the town’s clubs and drinks a lot.

    I’m not very social, in the sense that I have my 3/4 close friends whom I sometimes do stuff with but not too often and especially not parties.

    Back to the story:
    She sometimes giggled, we had long brakes in-between conversations, she always kinda smiled, but it was a sort of sad smile. And then I did the worst thing possible… She had cuts on her arm AND I DIDN’T REALISE AND ASKED IF HER DOG DID IT. I bored her and made her uncomfortable and after we said goodbye at the trainstation and we went home, I had to text her cause it felt like it was my fault that our date was really lame. She said I was overreacting and that first dates are usually lame.

    I am so inexperienced and don’t even know what to think. I’m 20 and keep hearing lovely stories of how people have met, or how they fall in love. I’m getting really desperate.

    I just want to live a normal life, find a girl that likes me back and is fun to be around. YET I’VE FAILED AGAIN.

  4. Matched with a girl last week, went on our date last night, and for once it went really well!

    I offered to pick her up but she’d refused saying she’d meet me there, which is obviously no problem, and we went for 2 drinks and a bit of food. Conversation was going really well and we had plenty to talk and laugh about thankfully. Probably sounds weird, but I was enjoying her company but didn’t really feel anything else, then like an hour later we’d just looked at each other for like 5 seconds, both started smiling and laughing at each other and I felt like this weird feeling where it just made me feel fluttery inside hahah, felt like I was a teenager again.

    As we were leaving she told her dad not to pick her up and she was happy for me to take her home which I was happy with as she obviously trusted me enough to do that at this stage, and when we were walking back to the car she was pushing against my arm so took it as a hint that she wanted my arm around her. As I did that she kissed me straight away and told me she was so happy we went out. Dropped her off at her house and we had another kissing exchange in the car before she left.

    Text her this morning telling her it was a really fun time and I’d really like to see her again, she replied saying the same! So hopefully we can organise something for next week.. trying not to get carried away since it was only a first date but it’s my first feel good date probably ever. So I’ll enjoy it in the moment!

  5. So I took a hiatus but came back this week. Changed up my profile and got a match with a cute girl who actually messaged me first. We chat for a while, conversation is smooth and I ask her out and she enthusiastically agrees and gives me her number. I send a text with my name and when/where our date is and then never heard from her again.



    Matched another girl who I also talked with for a bit, messages going back and forth and I ask her out and she said she’d love to see me and we pick a set time/date. Then she asked my height (my pictures make it fairly obvious I’m average height) and lets just say after she found out what it was it seems like she actually wouldn’t love to see me.



    Man, I’m ok with a conversation suddenly dying but its so frustrating and disrespectful of your time when somebody enthusiastically agrees to a date, time and place and then just totally snubs you. Sorry for the rant.

  6. Got so sunburnt on Monday I think I’m gonna have to cancel all 5 of my dates this week. Really don’t want to but I look like a lizard.

  7. Talking to this guy who literally seems like my dream guy, but i’m terribly nervous because I can feel myself falling for him fast. Our first date this Monday went great and the sexual chemistry is also amazing. We have so much in common and get along really well. I’ve never have this much in common with someone before. He wants a relationship as well so I’m praying this works out… Just nervous ya know? Just cause we share so many things in common/getting along, he’s still a stranger after one date. He could cheat on girls for all I know or be a terrible person! I’m just so nervous haha

  8. Well fuck.

    I thought I had seen the last of [Universe Boy]( after he ghosted me last month…but he out of the blue slid into my DMs last night and we’ve been catching up and he apologized for ghosting me. He said he didn’t mean to but something work related came up and he had to go out of town and didn’t ignore my text because he didn’t want to see me but because he couldn’t see me and was “scared” to tell me. Then of course I had left to go on my trip when he got back.

    I know he deals with really bad anxiety/isn’t the confrontational type and if he couldn’t see me because of work, I would’ve been understanding but I appreciated his honesty and apology nonetheless.

    Neither of us directly confessed our feelings but we talked about how much we missed each other and wished we’d had one last night together. Also that it sucked we lived so far from each other because it was so rare to connect with someone so well.

    We both said we’d hit up the other if we were in each other’s area. Ngl I’m still super bummed that he isn’t local. It was so nice having a genuine connection with someone. We’ve cleared the air though and I feel like we can be on friendly terms now.

    I think I got the closure I needed for this one.

  9. So I posted earlier this week talking about how I was new to Tinder, and this afternoon I went on my first date with a guy. We just went for milkshakes (my recommendation) so no pressure. I thought he was pretty decent in his photos, but he looked worse in person. For me it’s usually the opposite situation. We had been texting for about 3 days straight, nonstop, great energy. I was really excited and into him, and I actually set up the date. Everything just fell flat when we met. He was very nervous, awkward, and just wasn’t the same as I had seen in texts. Now I understand why people on Tinder like to meet up sooner than later. It’s really disappointing to have high expectations, let them build up, and be disappointed. I told him I didn’t feel a click and we’ll likely just dissolve from there which is fine. I take this as a lesson learned though, and I’m excited to see what’s ahead!

    On the flip side, I made a new friend today. Was waiting for the bus outside of work today. Girl came up and waited with me. We made small talk, talked about our jobs (we work with the same company), got on the bus talked all the way home, and then walked home together (we live right next to each other). Exchanged numbers, said we’d keep in contact, and went about our ways. It was great! Always happy to expand my circle especially since Im in a new city.

  10. I need advice on how to end it with a guy who’s really into me. We initially met on Tinder and have hung out maybe 5 times now. Mostly we cuddle and kiss and sometimes sleep together, although no sex. We haven’t had the talk about our relationship, but I can feel that he’s more into me and I don’t think it’s fair to keep it going when I don’t really see a future. I’d like to do it in the nicest and most respectful way possible.

  11. Broke up with my girlfriend of ~3.5 years two months ago which is when I (25M) started lurking this thread. Was ready to start dating again a few weeks ago and now finally have a story to share.

    Matched with someone pretty cool on Hinge and I ask her on a date. First date, we get temporary tattoos, explore a market, grab dinner, and ice cream. Kiss at the end. She texts me to kiss her harder next time – cool, I can do that. Second date, we go to the art museum, have dinner, grab a drink at a cool distillery, then drive to a lookout point over the city. I can tell she likes me a lot which scares me because I’m not ready for anything too serious just yet but I also like her too and just taking it day by day. After the date, she texts me that she wants to plan our date next time and take me rock climbing. All good stuff, I’m excited although a little scared.

    Well, few days go by, and now she just texted me she’s decided she’s not ready to get into anything yet and now I’m feeling sad? I didn’t realize online dating will be so emotional. On the bright side, she said that « I will make some woman exceptionally happy » and someone else told me that I should be a « male escort for Asian women who want to gain their parents’ approval » lollll So I guess that’s my brand?

  12. Do you guys actually get responses from pickup lines? I usually just try to start a conversation on pictures/bios but I might switch it up

  13. Well boys and girls, guess who I saw again last night?

    My Wednesday date.

    I cannot believe how amazingly things are going with her. The sexual chemistry is off the charts amazing, physically she’s my type to a fucking T, she’s so so sweet and cuddly, and we have so so much in common. I brought up a few things that are hard and fast deal-breakers for me and there are no issues there.

    She ticks all the boxes.

    She’s got the day off Thursday so we’re gonna head out to the beach.

    I’m so stoked.

  14. I had the date with the Turkish girl.

    Does anyone else here match with a lot of au pairs? They’re extremely common here in the Bay Area. They all have the same story: young girls wanting to see America, and instead ending up being held captive by the worst white people.

    I’ve dated a half dozen of them, and every single one has pretty much hated the family they live with. It’s sad. It’s also hard to date them because their family forbids them having a real life. That’s why they end up on Tinder looking for a guy to spend time with. I have to meet them at the weirdest times and it’s all a big hassle.

    I do like this girl tho. The au pairs I meet always want to take things a lot slower than the usual girls I meet, and I find that refreshing. I’m pretty burnt out on the “meet, talk, fuck, hope she likes me” Tinder experience, and wouldn’t mind just holding someone’s hand and going on fun dates for a while.

  15. So most of my 13 matches ive met, connected with and conversed with in person have gone well. Hell some ive even hooked up with (im talking over the course of the last year here) and whenever someone notices I use reddit that’s when things go bad. Until today I didn’t realize why or at least I think I know why. Me being the dumbass that I am I tell them my reddit username. I pride myself on being open and honest. I always say what comes to mind and I’m terrible at lying. I also never check my profile ever. Well today I noticed it actually lists that I’m a moderator of /r/Bukkake and /r/NostalgiaFapping. Being ghosted after mentioning my reddit name makes sense now. I’m a fucking dumbass guys.

  16. about two years ago i matched with a cutie. chatted a bit turns out she was 17 so i noped out. just got bored and checked her ig and she has a child now so

  17. So for those who might be on the fence about getting tinder/OkCupid premium, here’s a way to get some discount:

    When you run out of likes or whenever the app prompts you to buy premium, select it and click on the next step but don’t buy it. Cancel the transaction on the last step and wait.

    You’ll get a 50% or some sort of limited time discount within 24 hours.

  18. Welp, we’re back on the ghosted train. First time it’s happened to me after meeting up twice though. It’s irritating, but we’re onto the next.

  19. I just downloaded tinder, I’m wondering how many likes you guys usually get. Maybe my profile is just trash or I’m ugly, also is there a way to know who likes my profile without paying?

  20. Update to: [](


    Been almost two months since I’ve posted in story time. I did end up taking a bit of a break to reassess the dating situation and came back with a new outlook, to take it less seriously and try not to force things. My first date from Tinder seemed to want to get serious quickly so that kinda set my mood for subsequent dates. Since being back I’ve been more picky with my matches to make sure they match what I’m looking for and that I am what they are looking for.



    Went on a date on Wednesday, casual drinks after work. We had been texting for a few days and that’s when our schedules opened up. Meet, have a couple of drinks, but the bar we were at was super loud so we left for another place. Conversation flowed well, we both work in IT (she will be far more successful than I) and share common interests (also a Redditor). We had an appetizer, a couple more drinks, and left with a kiss and an agreement to meet at her place on Monday. We had both expressed when matching that we’re not looking for a serious relationship, just casual dating.



    Stayed with a match over the weekend (F-Su) at her place about 50 miles from where I live, a short vacation for me. We had been talking for a little over three weeks before meeting and became pretty good friends over text, with a subtle sexual undertone. She has been dealing with some health issues for years that are finally being resolved, and getting over a break up after 8 years, and told me that she’s been a little depressed recently. I let her know I wasn’t looking for a relationship but we could be casual and I wanted to help her de-stress. I arrived at her place around 9:00, hung out for a while, started a movie, made out, then continued from there. She hadn’t been with anyone in months and was visibly nervous but did open up slowly. We fall asleep, next morning get up and make breakfast, take a walk through the woods, go swimming for a bit, then had a nap. That night I took her into Dallas. Had a blast, closed the place down, had some post-bar food and went back to her place. Left the next day, she said she had a great time and really appreciated it. We’re still talking daily.


    Aerialist (date 2):

    We had been texting every day since matching, and even more since date 1, texts ripe with innuendo, so we were both fairly primed. We were supposed to make dinner together but I arrived and there was very little food (she just moved closer to Dallas) and she hadn’t planned anything. Cool! Let’s make grilled cheese sandwiches! Ate sandwiches and watched a documentary on the end of the universe. Between our texts and being close while watching the video, all bets were off when it was over. No time was wasted to get to the bedroom. The night consisted of rounds in the bedroom and rounds of wine-fueled conversation, all glorious. Left around 2:30 with plans to meet up Tuesday for one of her aerial classes (eek!). This woman is going to be fun.


    While I’m keeping myself reserved as far as a relationship, Aerialist is checking boxes, but we’re both just looking for fun right now. Updates to follow I’m sure.

  21. I met a guy who looked, talked, acted just like Thor from The Avengers. Pretty big and solid guy. Six packs, full beard, a metallic voice…and he drank like Thor too lol The whole works!

    No joke! I’m pretty sure I was drooling over dinner and not for the food. By the end of dinner I was rubbing his biceps. He was beyond amazing.

    I kept his shirt lol

  22. « Update » on the [Scottish guy]( I’ve (23F) first met about two months ago… We still see each other three to five times a week and I sleep at his a couple of times each week. It’s been a lot of fun, I definitely feel very comfortable around him and it is now somehow the default for me to go see him when I’m done with my day – it feels genuinely weird to head home directly after my classes. My phone thinks that his place is where I work lol.

    He’s rather reserved when it comes to compliments (especially about physical attributes) and showing affection through words; I’m the exact same. But he’s started to be much more vocal now and it does feel nice. There’s been some (admittedly very trivial) comments such as ‘if my mates saw what music I’m listening to because of you, they’d go: he’s met a bird over there’ or playfully jealous comments about me meeting other people abroad that somehow sounded very affectionate. And I sometimes catch him just looking at me with a certain look in his eye and a smile on his face that makes me feel good. (Alternative story title: Two emotionally crippled people try their best)

    It’s going great and all that, which makes me a bit sad that I’ll be leaving in two weeks. It is now very unlikely looking that he’ll still be here when I’ll get back for good. It is a genuine shame that I’ve met him shortly before I was leaving since it seems like this could have become something. Meeting him definitely gives me some hope when it comes to tinder though: I wouldn’t have expected to meet someone I click with on a dating app. Everything is possible I assume.

  23. Ugh, some jackass in my area is flooding Tinder with these entirely useless profiles and making the thing unusable. Getting spammed with fake likes from garbage profiles. It’s like that meme of the black kid being excited and then disappointed except like 50 times a day right now.

    The worst part is that it’s not even a scam! They’re not bots who reply, there’s no virus link, there’s no pimping of an Instagram they’re going to sell… Nothing. They’re just flooding Tinder and being annoying for no reason and they’re going so hard that accounts pop up and disappear within minutes and they’ve been doing it for days. Fucking programmers, I swear.

  24. Meeting up with a girl on Saturday after we talked for two weeks straight (she was waiting to move to my city). Playing the long game and hoping it’s gonna work out lol. We seem like we connect well and it feels less intimidating cause we pretty much covered the first date garbage over text while waiting to meet. Excited and hope it works out, just gotta keep her interested through this week.

    Just a question, how often should I text her this week? We haven’t talked for almost a day and I’m thinking of just giving it some time to settle.

  25. If I were you, I’d ride it out for a week or two. See if he invites you do more stuff that comes up after. Sometimes you’ve got to take a few risks here and there but if it’s works, it’ll be worth it. Hope this helps

  26. Alright, so I’ve been trying to talk with girls on Tinder for about a month or so. I matched with a seemingly nice, nerdy girl who really liked that my cat’s name is Sirius, so she asked a bunch of harry potter questions and we wound up chatting on Snap Chat.


    She then proceeded to keep messaging me and getting more and more sexual – not just flirty. It got a little weird when I realized all of her snaps were from a specific angle, then i saw a bit of cleavage and i knew exactly what I was in for. She wanted to hang out and she said she liked that I was 420 friendly.


    We met at a Tim Hortons a few minutes from my place, she had a bit of a waddle and apologized for being awkward. I said it was fine, most people are.. she was like 5’2, 20 and was three times bigger than her photo. She knew all about what she did but didn’t know I wasn’t locked in.


    She didn’t want anything at Timmy’s as she had just went to her step sisters birthday party, so we went back to my place and on the way back she said she was sorry for being so extroverted – I think she meant hyper sexual, but whatever. We get to my place and sit around for a bit. I ask her if she’d like to smoke up which she agrees to and chooses the big bong over a smaller pipe. I got a small bowl ready and got smoke ready for her in the chamber. She pulled it knowing what to do and proceeded to start coughing a bunch which lead to her to sputtering « i have ithsma » *cough cough* « i mean asthma ». I mentioned having it, too and she told me she wants to finish that pull. I let her and then *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *BLURT BLAAAAAAAH*

    She projectile vomited on herself, in front of me being concerned she’d have an asthma attack and proceeded to stop coughing while going « not again! »


    I sat there in shock. I had no clue what to say, then the stench hit.


    I started laughing and said « here let me find you something to clean up with » She proceeded to look all shy until I found the towels as we didn’t have many in the garage. I sat back down and said « well, I guess I’ll call you an Uber. » she then asked if I had a washer and dryer. I laughed and said I can’t let her in my house, I’ll call you an uber what’s your address? » then she goes « I could just take my clothes off.. » and whips off the tank. I told her to put it back on and that I’m calling her an uber. She said she hates me then said she hates herself. I apologized for still laughing but it really was the funniest thing I could have spent $20 on, I mean really funny. I’m not even remotely into puke. God, the stench.


    Okay, so here’s where I’m kind of a jerk.. I ask her (after calling an uber and waiting for it) what she meant by
    « not again » she said « he had a big dick » I asked her when and she told me about a month ago and the guy was into it. I proceed to ask her why she stopped sleeping with him and, well.. he offered to pay her $100 to do it again and left it at that.


    None of this is what I expected on a Wednesday night. It all lasted about 15 minutes and I was still able to make it to wings with some coworkers after.

  27. So I’ve been talking to a few girls and went on two dates. The psychology major I was talking to decided to cancel our date since she’s still hung up on her ex. She sent a really long and sweet text explaining the situation, so we wished each other the best and that was that.

    I went out to a bar Saturday night with the bubbly engineering major. Conversation was pretty solid and I felt like I was guiding it for most of the night. Nothing too much out of the ordinary, but I felt like something was a bit off. After 2 hours, we ended up going to her place where she played the « should we/shouldn’t we sleep together » game for about 3 hours. At some point I just got tired of it and fell asleep.

    I understand now why so many women see « needyness » as a turn off. I wasn’t sold on her 100% whether I wanted a second date or not, but the barraging of messages days after our date certainly didn’t help her cause.

    On Monday I went out to get drinks with an Econ/Business major. We met up rather late, at 23:30, since she had a busy day. Although I suggested we change the day, she insisted on meeting up.
    An important note is that her profile pictures weren’t all that clear. I could tell she was kind of cute, but she had no full body pictures, which is usually a reason for me not to swipe, but the conversation was flowing well, so fuck it.

    I was pretty mesmerized when I saw her, beautiful with a gorgeous smile, a good 10 cm shorter than me and curves in all the right places. She’s honest as well, saying from the get go that she usually doesn’t meet people online and felt a bit embarrassed dating this way. Nonetheless, conversation was flowing amazingly and I felt like we had a nice connection. We ended up leaving at 1:00am just because both of us were worn out from the day. We walked a bit outside and I led her home, she kissed me and I took a kiss for the road and that was that.

    I sent her a text the day after and texting so far is pretty solid, her birthday is next week so I sent her a text asking her out for dinner.

    EDIT: She said « Of course! I’ll be happy to » aaand we’re getting dinner next week

  28. So I tried out tinder gold and I barely got any new likes for the whole month. Now that my subscription ended and I didn’t renew it I’m already on 3+ likes within 2 days wtf!!

  29. safe to say I’m pretty smitten with the latest guy, Rescue (27M). We had our second date last night and it was so much fun. We grabbed sushi and then went to D&B for some games. We got a bit competitive but all in good fun. I’m trying not to get my hopes up but fuck, it’s hard. We get on really well and I genuinely enjoy his company. He tells me the same and he’s very open in general. We’re on the same page about a lot of things.

    I was a little nervous and self conscious during our date, which isn’t like me. It might be because I find him really attractive, IDK. We had a nice make out session before ending our night but it was brief. When I texted him after getting home, we exchanged some flirtier texts and we talked about my nerves and stuff – so I hope that relieves my anxiety next time.

    The one thing (cuz there’s *always* something) is that he doesn’t use the best grammar (constantly uses the wrong version of your/you’re) and it’s irking me. I’m a grammar nazi in general so this gets under my skin. Has anyone ever had to address something like this? I truly don’t even know how to approach that but I won’t until it’s been a bit longer.

    I’m going away for 10 days which will keep my mind from overthinking about him (I hope?) and I’m already excited to see him when I get back. We haven’t really had a chance to be alone sooo that’s part of my plan. I will pounce, believe dat.

  30. Need help with this because I’m weirded out. I’ve been seeing this guy pretty consistently for about 6 weeks that I met off of tinder, he said he’s not seeing anyone else and doesn’t want to see anyone else. We’ve been for dinner, drinks, gone to an exhibition together, spent the night together many times and spent the whole weekend together last weekend, where he introduced me to a few of his friends. He texted me when I got home on Sunday saying he’s glad I met his friends, and he wants to see me again. Texted me again yesterday asking how I was, back and forth, then said he wanted to hang out soon. I said sure, just let me know when you’re free. He hits me with ‘I’ve got my friends birthday on Saturday, I would invite you but my ex is going to be there, so let’s hang out after work next week sometime or come to this night with me next weekend?’ I was so taken aback by the random ex comment and a weird disinvite to something I wasn’t even expecting to be invited to that I just replied ‘sounds good, I’ll let you know.’ Am I right to be a bit concerned and upset at this message, or am I overthinking things? I was in no way expecting to see him on Saturday so I don’t get why he had to qualify that he ‘would’ invite me but for his ex, which also suggests ex drama which I am realllyy not keen to be involved with. Suggestions and thoughts needed…

  31. Matched with a chick last week. I told her she was gorgeous pretty much off the bat and she said I was handsome. I asked her what she was up to today moreso as small talk and she said not much and that she was free later which kind of blew me away because it all seemed way too easy. She asked if I had a snapchat. I did so we exchanged info and soon after photos. She was real! I was pretty stoked at this point. We set up a time to meet up and I asked her what she had in mind, maybe drinks? She then said, « well based on your profile I was thinking I just come over to your place » to which I of course obliged. Something in the back of my head told me this was too good to be true like a robbery or something but fuck it it’s happening. We’re still sending messages before our meetup. She sends me a nude of her ass. Again too good to be true. So she arrives, she comes inside my place and I ask if she wants a drink and she declines. I tell her she looks even better in person. She returns the compliment and we start making out. Within a minute she asks to go to my bedroom so we walk back and I get her on the bed. We do the dirty and within minutes of finishing she says she has to go. So while I was checking out her photos earlier I noticed she was at a gym in the base I work at so naturally I’m curious. I ask if she’s in the military or works on base. She says, « No I live nearby. » Immediately I know she’s lying. Civilians can’t just get on base. So I dig a little bit more asking seemingly innocent questions. She’s from NC and soon moving back. She has a kid. Said her dad was prior military so that’s how she’s knows about some military jargon we were talking about I’m earlier convo. Not really sure what to make of it but she leaves and I’m kind of dumbfounded by the whole experience. She was gorgeous and way too mysterious and it happened so effortlessly. The next day I tell my buddies at work and one of them blurts out, « Dude she’s married! » To which I reply, « No fucking way! ». I go back to her profile to look for clues and shes unmatched me and then I go back to snapchat and shes unfriended me. I start thinking about everything in the context of her being married and it makes total sense. My guess is that her husband is on deployment and she wanted some action. I feel bad but I really had no way of knowing. I messaged her to find out but snapchat doesn’t let you send messages without being friends so who really knows. I guess it will just remain a mystery.
    Tldr; unknowingly had sex with a married woman

  32. Welp had a date this evening, was going well went back to my place, hanging out on the couch making out…..
    She starts crying. Obviously not right: I back off and we talk for over an hour. Basically a pro bono therapy session. Hope she works through her stuff, drove her home. Tinder girls man.

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