POF : I am frustrated w this app

POF : I am frustrated w this app

I signed up yesterday and it was working fine it told me to do a relationship test so I did it this morning filled out the whole thing got the results and went back on to the app and it signed me out tried to sign back in and it keeps saying my username and/or password are wrong (I know for a fact that’s not the case) I click forget password and input my email address and it’s gonna “send” a reset password link I never get the link checked trash and spam and I know I’m getting emails from them so that’s the correct email address so what’s the problem??? I sign up again w the same username and email address (if I had taken someone’s username it would tell me) yet I was still able to continue I did this at least 5 times today I keep trying cuz I was talking to this dope ass girl but I didn’t get to exchange more information cuz well it was late and I didn’t think this would happen. I feel personally attacked and all I wanna do is get to know this girl. Why is this happening I’m so over it!!!!!

By. angelgoddesslover

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