Dating : Am I screwed? Will I date/find love again? Looking for any help I can get…

Dating : Am I screwed? Will I date/find love again? Looking for any help I can get…

I’m 17/m and a senior in high school. I broke up with my girlfriend a few months ago and I’m not taking it that well. We had to split up. Her brother caused to many issues between us and It just didn’t feel like a real relationship. We both loved each other a lot (I still do) I guess the timing was just off. However she moved on to another guy pretty fast and I can’t help but feel like an idiot for letting her go. I guess it was for the better but right now I feel like the loser. She’s a great girl but she’s a little immature. She has some more developing to do and so do I. It was a high school relationship so I didn’t expect it to last forever.

I’d really like to meet another girl in college. I worry that I’m not good enough to meet someone new. My last relationship was a but of a fluke. She was really pretty like waaaay out of league. I really only think she dated me because she was desperate but she did care about me and she was loyal so I can’t blast her for that. I just struggle with feeling ugly. I consider myself a pretty smart guy. I have some friends but maybe only 2 or so good ones. No one can really relate with me, my ex included. I want someone I can talk about life with and stare at the stars at night. Obviously I’d have to be attracted to them I get that beauty fades but still I would have to be somewhat attracted to them. That might be a douchey thing to say but it’s just how I feel. I worry that I’m not good enough to find someone like that. I’m 5,3 and I’m maybe a 6/10. I’m pretty skinny and I have a big nose. I also kinda look like Toby Maguire but what can you do. I really try to be my best wherever I go. I dress fairly well and I really try to keep up on hygiene. I’d like to think I’m a pretty down to Earth and realistic person, I try to see the bigger picture which is why I’m investing my money now at 17. I tend to think I have a decent personality. I’ll talk to anyone about anything, I’m not shy. I have been trying to bust my ass at the gym and really try and gain some muscle mass. I’m devoting my senior year to just self-improve as much as I can before I step out into the real world. Anyone have any advice for me?

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  1. Dude, I got a full decade on you.

    It’s gonna happen again. And again. And again.

    Eventually, one’s gonna matter a hell of a lot more than the others.

    Give it time. You are still a child in my mind. You got hella time.

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