Tinder : Tinder openers?

Tinder : Tinder openers?

Hey all, I’m fairly new to tinder & am struggling to think of a opener to start a conversation, especially to girls with nothing in their bio? Would something like ‘hey ____, you okay?’ Be small talk & be ignored? Advice would be appreciated 馃檪

By. DanielLloyd26

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  1. Mostly just say hi or any variation. A lot of people will ignore you naturally (it鈥檚 part if Tinder), but if someone is interested she will respond.

  2. I find asking a question is effective. When does a night sandwich turn into early breakfast? How many pillows do you sleep with? Do you believe in reincarnation? Does pineapple go on pizza? How many buffalo wings does it take before you’re full?

  3. I like it when guys put interesting things in their bios, which helps me message them first. Like I have seen a few guys put two truths and one lie in there bio, so I guess which one is a lie

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