POF : POF girls don’t know what curvy is.

POF : POF girls don’t know what curvy is.

When I was on POF, I put I liked skinny to curvy girls, but curvy means a girl with an hourglass shape, sure maybe 10, 15, extra lbs but still hourglass. These « curvy » ladies think it means anything from pear shaped to gelatinous mess 50 lbs or more overweight. Not to mention they demand that we have a six pack and be 6′ 6. I’m 5′ 8 and weigh 206 not a bodybuilder but built like a bouncer with a big chest and arms. No six pack but neither do I have a gut, and when I would meet some of these rather large ladies, who only had face pics, they would critique me while I sat there quiet and polite. Of course i didn’t go for another date. Cause they weren’t my type or even remotely curvy. I’ll probably get trashed for this but if I was being honest they should have been honest too.

By. ChefDanG

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  1. For what it is worth, I feel like guys are pretty liberal with the use of « athletic » body type. The range is from « sprint distance runner » to « former offensive lineman » body type… that’s a pretty big range point is, how you see yourself can indicate a lot about self-confidence. I would rather be with someone who is comfortable in their skin (even if they are aware that they can/should/maybe already are working on self improvement) than someone who is going to be caught up stressing about what they look like all the time.

  2. 42/M here. I use the body type descriptions as a reality barometer. If a girl is big but owns it and understands that it’s less than ideal then I’ll be more likely to be interested. The ones who are either in denial or claim to be proud of their girth are the least attractive to me. Occasionally I’ll encounter a girl who discusses her size as if it’s a condition that she’s a victim of. That screams weakness of character to me. I often feel sorry for these ladies and I’ve actually tried to help a few of them but they usually lack the necessary discipline.

  3. Yeah had some of those too. Women are crazy and I’m afraid I just missed the boat waiting so long after my divorce to get back in the game. The big ones are lying about it and the skinny ones are just plain nuts.

  4. It goes both ways – everyone wants to date up, not down. If it matters that much, don’t message women who have only weirdly angled selfies and no full length pics.

  5. I feel your pain bro. I’m sick & tired of getting contacted by ladies who use very weird angled selfie shots, or (worse) use a wall-paper for their main pic (surprised they weren’t banned for that). Anyways, I’ve met two ladies who hid their faces, but they kept on messaging so much, and piqued my interest, so I met them face to face for drinks. That was a bad mistake. Oh God….
    We guys put ourselves out there, exposed to the world for these ladies to critique us at their whim. Yes, I went in hopes of what they told me in their messages were true… that they were absolutely gorgeous & « fit ». They were… cute, smart, and witty… but they should be more honest about their « baggage ». Like, one lady didn’t tell me until it was at the end that she had a kid, which is fine, but don’t lie about that on your profile. Or the other « big-boned » lady should’ve just said she was large. I still would’ve gone out for drinks, and I kept my word, paid, and had an interesting conversation. But nope, no more hiding behind pics or weird angle shots!

  6. Yep. Any profiles without full body pictures are a huge red flag. Like you said, I hate the hypocrisy of them expected top tier guys and not putting much effort into their own bodies. I prefer hourglass shapes than stick thin, but it’s such a mine field in how they describe themselves.

  7. I’m a big girl, but also quite attractive and I do post a full body pic on mine. I still get at minimum dozens of messages a day. So even as an overweight woman, if I have 928483929274 guys to choose from based on pics and a profile alone, chances are I can find me a pretty attractive man to meet who I also have good conversation with. It has happened time and time again.

    The point of this was to give you perspective.

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