Tinder : Unmatch Incoming.

Tinder : Unmatch Incoming.

Unmatch Incoming.

By. GibbyGhosting

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  1. « How often do you get jokes about your name? »

    « Like all the time and I’m sick of it. I basically hate my life. »

    « Okay, well here’s another one! »

  2. An original joke. If my name was alexa I would be tired of this joke too. All these guys think they’re clever but it’s the same joke. Even if the joke was the funniest ever, who wouldn’t be tired of hearing it for the hundred times.

  3. Please walk me through your thought-process here.
    When you see a girl named Alexa on tinder, are you hoping for a match so you can play a variation of a terrible and unimaginative joke that’s been ridden to death and back on this website? Or do you decide to go that route sometime later?

  4. The number of people in here saying “she should just change her name” and not “OP is as unfunny as he is unoriginal” is crazy balls.

  5. This sub is just a circle jerk of lonely unfunny, unoriginal dudes. Hope a literal virtual pat on the back was worth ruining a girl’s time on Tinder yet again.

  6. Alexa. I Feel Your Pain For You. Soooo many facists in sooooo corners, it’s safer to be in the light. If you had a body, I would give youuuuuuuu –

    A bottle of Great IPA. Blessings to The Nail (My strange friend, ‘Michael Hunt’ said to say that – whatever he means)??

  7. My name is Alexa and I tried to humor this joke as much as possible.

    I even learned Despacito on the piano around the time the « Alexa play despacito » meme was really big, but I played it in its entirety… they would tell me to stop and I would just be like « you made your bed, now lay in it »

  8. If I had absolutely no idea what Tinder was, I would think it’s a resource of corny ass pick up lines. What’s become of Tinder???

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