Dating : Ex agreed to « first date », its in 12 days

Dating : Ex agreed to « first date », its in 12 days


some background, she (23F) dumped me (22M) about a month ago and after I recently sent her some flowers and a letter about my feelings, she called and agreed to let me take her out on June 18th. We dated for 2.5 years before the breakup. She said she is also talking to someone new, but she is open to seeing how a date with me goes. Now obviously ill be hitting the gym religiously for the next 12 days and dressing well, but my question is, any ideas for the date? I’m very nervous and don’t quite know where to start. Thanks in advance.

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  1. She tells you she is talking to someone new less than a month after 2.5 year relationship, but wants to see how a date with you will go (sounds like a pity date imo). You’ve gone from being her boyfriend to an option, while she hasn’t worked on any issues from her side that caused the relationship to fail (It’s never 100% one person’s fault).

    I’d say you’re going to get hurt either way. At best, she’s going to begrudgingly get back with you, but the relationship will probably be one sided and fall apart and hurt worse the second time. At worst, a friend who is her backup plan and gets to hear all about her encounters. I’d say cancel the date and go no contact. Respect yourself enough to work on your issues, hit the gym, meet friends, get out of the house at all costs. Seriously you deserve a girl that is wild about you, this ain’t her bro.

  2. Sounds like you’re setting yourself up for more pain. Maybe this situation is the exception, but I feel like she agreed because she didn’t have the guts to reject the idea.

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