Tinder : What matches?

Tinder : What matches?

What matches?

By. ahhhhhhhhhthrowaway

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  1. Note: I realize my missed opportunity for saying « bold of you to assume… »

    Update: Her tone became much more interested when she read in my bio that I’m in a frat

  2. I had met a girl at a party and we (along with a group) went out to a group of bars later. At the bar she pulled out my phone and opened up my tinder, saw that I had far fewer matches than her, gave me shit for it, then promptly left lol.

    Still the only time that I’ve been Tinder Tested, what a weird night.

  3. Bad move cotton. Women tend to like for their man to be wanted by other women. Because it makes them feel special that you chose to be with them

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