Tinder : Why do you put it like that?

Tinder : Why do you put it like that?

Why do you put it like that?

By. BaggierVermin30

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  1. When I first heard about the toilet paper thing I thought « that’s so stupid who cares which direction it goes. » Then I had to change the toilet paper and I thought « well I guess I should do it the right way to not piss anyone off. » Now I get pissed off when it’s the wrong way.

  2. People who visit my house call me a monster…. When I redid the bathrooms, never put any toilet paper holders back in, intentionally. Instead of right or wrong–now I piss off everyone. Lol. Go shit somewhere else.

  3. There is a photo of the patent for roll toilet paper that shows it going over the top of the spindle. Also, Ann Landers did an exhaustive piece on this many years ago and an executive from a toilet paper company replied, along with thousands of others (who knew people have been so passionate about this for so long) and he said that it should go over the top because printed toilet papers are have the pattern on the outside of the roll and hanging it the other way hides the design against the wall.

  4. This is the correct way to position toilet paper. The reason for this is the one handed yank. In this position, it will tear easily. In the reverse position, a one handed yank will result in it piling on the floor. Dont ask me why, it just is.

  5. The bar is there to hold onto in case of constipation. TP should be placed on top of the sink and picked up for use when needed.

  6. Don’t worry about them… because at the end of the day you are still have to wipe your own ass. Literally and figuratively…

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