Dating : Is she uninterested or am I overreacting?

Dating : Is she uninterested or am I overreacting?

So I met a girl at a party and we hit it off great, we talked in the party for over 2 hours.

I got her SC and texted her a few days after the party. She takes long to respond and acknowledged that she doesn’t really use SC.

I then proceeded by asking if she wanted my phone number. I had been answering a question in multiple texts when I asked. She then responded to my other comments and ignored me asking if she wanted my number.

Did she not see the message, or did she ignore it?

I get the feeling she is uninterested, what’s your opinion?

She is 18 and I’m 19.

Update: I ended up giving me my number, she texted me, I texted her back yesterday a few hours later and she hasn’t responded. Is it possible she is busy?

My brother is dating her sister, and he had told me that she told him that she liked me. I don’t know honestly what’s up. Thanks in advance.

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  1. She has other love interests. She might like you but she probably likes others even more. 18 yrs old? Not worth breaking your head over it

  2. Yeah she might just be busy. You should tell her you’re taking her out for donuts on Friday. Or something like that – make a plan. Don’t ask her, just tell her.

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