13 signs you’re sick with jealousy

13 signs you're sick with jealousy

13 signs you’re sick with jealousy

Possessive, excessive … you are so not easy going that your soul mate thinks about sending the cameras of Intimate confessions to attest to your jealousy? So, you should recognize yourself in these few signs …

Are you from a Sick jealousy, as in the TV movie from TF1 (at 3.10 p.m.)? Do you have a hard time putting up with your loved one arguing with strangers? Do you find it unfair that others are more successful than you? Don’t worry: we don’t judge you. After all, you are normal. Almost.

1. You are understanding.
But you hate that your other half is looking at other men (or women).

2. You are all love and kindness.
But you hate that your other half is too polite towards other men (or women).

3. You understand the fits of hysteria of the jealous and possessive participants of Tellement Vrai.

4. You don’t shoot people.
But still … you like to know where they are. At every moment. Thanks for the Find My Friends app.

5. You are not very good at math.
But this equation seems correct to you: if response time to a text message> 5 min = potential adultery of the boyfriend (girlfriend).

6. You appreciate the acknowledgments of receipt / read confirmations of SMS. This is irrefutable proof that the 5-minute time limit has expired.

7. You would be capable of many things out of love. It’s passion, what.

8. Marabout your beloved? Never !
Or maybe once. Or a hundred.

9. You love your friends.
But those who are much richer and happier than you don’t deserve to move on to the BFF category.

10. You like Alizée a lot. You feel like you are connected to her. And nothing to do with artistic reasons …

>>> Alizée jealous of Nathalie Péchalat? She answers ! (VIDEO)

11. Your ex? It’s okay, you forgot it.
But as a matter of principle, you don’t tolerate the idea that he (she) can be happy since you left him (her).

12. Besides, he (she) must think the same thing since when you cross paths, there is an unspoken competition of who has the best life.

13. And you lie to win.

Overall, you don’t think you’re naturally jealous, envious, or possessive. It’s just that you find it slightly unfair that other people have better lives than you. That’s all. And you are right, after all: you are worth it.

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