POF : App Designed To Make Dating Safer Is Looking For Female Testers

POF : App Designed To Make Dating Safer Is Looking For Female Testers


I’ve developed app (web & mobile) with the intention to make dating safer for women.

You can learn more about the app here [](

And you can also see short demo of the mobile app (Android) here [](

The app has been tested in development but it is now seeking group of female volunteers to test it and to provide much needed feedback.

In order for Google to allow you participate as a tester we need your email address.[](

note: All accounts created and men added to the app while testing will remain on the app only for 48 hours. Everything is deleted in 48 hours intervals. For security reasons.

The app is here to serve women and parents. If you decide to participate in this test you need to makesure that you allow your phone camera and storage to be accessed by the app in your phone’s settings.

Thank you in advance for taking part and for any feedback you may have.

**note: this isn’t another dating app. It’s an app that aims to warn women and parents about abusive men. Men who treat women badly and aren’t in prison.**

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