20 easy techniques to rekindle the flame

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20 easy techniques to rekindle the flame

  • Laugh together

    Laughter is one of the best couples therapies! Making fun of our little misadventures and our conflicts allows us to recover quickly.

  • Take time together

    Daily routine sometimes leads to estrangement from partners. Try to find time to spend romantic moments together.

  • Share your fantasies

    Even the most shameful! By revealing your naughty desires, you will surely run his imagination and find together some ideas to spice up your antics under the duvet … or at worst, share some great laughs!

  • Register for a dance class

    Dancing is an activity that can bring the couple together. Sensual, this practice can rekindle the flame after a few glues and glances.

  • Express your love

    Many couples over time no longer say « I love you » on the pretext that it seems obvious to them. It is, however, a mistake. These simple words are the key to a couple. Telling the other that we still love him after all his years shows his attachment. Proof that our feelings are not dead.

  • Dare to adventure

    While everyday life is often regulated like clockwork, dare to include a touch of whimsy. Do crazy things like going for a weekend on a whim, leaving him a naughty letter before leaving for work, trying out a new restaurant, having an impromptu picnic… These precious little moments will strengthen your bond.

  • Go for a weekend

    Escape far from everyday life, allows you to find yourself. This stay will make it possible to recreate memories together and to spend wonderful moments together.

  • Do you listen

    Taking the time to express your feelings, to share projects, to express your wishes promotes the durability of the couple.

  • Seduce yourself again

    After years of dating, we tend to relax and make less effort to please each other.

  • Don’t hesitate to be tactile

    The simple fact of holding hands with your partner reassures us and represents proof of love. To rekindle desire, why not try massages? A stressful and sensual way that reconnects you with your dear and tender one.

  • Give her a massage

    After a hard day’s work, offer her a massage while taking care of the atmosphere: scented candles, soft music, subdued light … If you want to raise the temperature and transform this innocent massage into hot lovemaking, consider taking a massage oil aphrodisiac!

  • Give him compliments

    Complimenting him will make you look better and value him. In addition, one compliment often leads to another, creating a virtuous circle for a healthier and more respectful relationship.

  • Do you compliments

    It’s a little detail that can make a couple happy. Stop blaming yourself, a little love in this world of crude! A nice little word is better than constant arguments.

  • Rekindle the flame in bed

    Routine and stress can cause a low libido in the couple. Do not hesitate to vary the pleasures by trying different things in bed such as little role-playing games, beautiful lingerie, a subdued atmosphere … It’s up to you!

  • Forgive

    It’s hard to ask for forgiveness. Out of pride it is difficult to apologize. It is a way of admitting your faults in front of the other. But making that effort will always be appreciated. It is even a certain proof of love.

  • Book a night at the hotel

    Going away from home can be exciting. A night in a hotel room for two alone is a special moment. A moment conducive to a beautiful night of love …

  • Put some distance

    Sharing your life together also means falling into the inevitable routine… We see each other from waking up to going to bed, without really paying attention to each other, as was the case at the very beginning of the relationship. By putting a little distance, you will again create a lack and rekindle the desire. Go on vacation on your own with your friends, sign up for evening activities, do afterworks without him …

  • Recall your fondest memories

    Looking at vacation or even wedding photos or telling each other about your memories together will remind you why you are together.

  • Think about the little touches

    A breakfast in bed, a small gift, a dinner at the restaurant … all these little touches will always please. A way to show affection for the other.

  • kiss you

    Just kissing your partner has more power than making love. Studies have shown that if a couple kiss every day, they are more likely to stay together and last longer.

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