Dating : Eighteen

h2>Dating : Eighteen

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The mark we leave on others is what makes us immortal. That’s what I believe as a human and writer. That’s also one of my motivations to write. Not to be immortal, but to cause a positive impact.

Often when we think about meaningful impact, our minds wander to extraordinary acts. But even the smallest of gestures can spark a tremendous change in one’s life. It’s a matter of a point of view, who’s the giver and the receiver.

We have less than a week to be together. Although I wished for these remaining days to go by as slow as possible, I have no power over time. But there are some things I can do to appreciate all you did for me while leaving you something you would remember me by.

I knew you wanted to try some new things in your job. Funny enough, one of the things you brought up is something I’ve been working with for a considerable time now. And being a writer, I couldn’t help but be a cliché giving you a book about it. I also decided to buy you some underwear from the brand you always wore. You look hot on them, but that’s not the only reason. It’s my weird way to thank you for being the first person in many years to help me become more comfortable undressing my body and soul. You’ll always be the person who reminded me there are still good people out there. And for that, I will never forget you.

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