POF : Verification Code Scam?

POF : Verification Code Scam?

I recently got a message supposedly from Plenty of Fish with a verification code. I didn’t even know what plenty of fish was and looked it up; a dating website. Is someone on the website using my number? Or is it someone just trying to get my to reply to that message?

By. iLoveViewers

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  1. Hey iLoveViewers, it’s possible someone has entered your number to try and verify a Plenty of Fish account, but numbers are not stored on our platform or associated with any accounts and without the code you were texted that person won’t be able to create an account. No cause for worry here!

  2. Pof is location based right? It uses your location to find matches. So one would think if it used a phone number in another location for their verification then they could use your location for there location.

  3. I’ve been trying to get into my pof It said I changed my password which I haven’t done. I continued and set new password but then it says it will send a sms to my phone number which the last 2 numbers is not my phone number I have had my only phone number for 20 years and it ends with 28 not 90 please get back to me as I have a feeling I’ve been hacked you can email me on.

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