6 romantic and original ideas

6 romantic and original ideas

6 romantic and original ideas

How to say i love you

Do you know how to say I love you, beyond words? Whether for Valentine’s Day or for the anniversary of your meetinge, you may be lacking inspiration to find the best way to do it. Discover 6 ideas to surprise your other half with the most beautiful love texts!

This year, surprise your other half! Here are 6 original ideas to say I love you to the chosen one of your heart. Guaranteed success!

♥ How to say I love you: the word game

You can imagine word games to be written on an appropriate medium. I literally fell in love with the following idea, gleaned from the Internet in English: take a pear, write on it (preferably with felt-tip pen) « We make a great » pear «  « . In English, a pear, « pear » is pronounced in the same way as « pair » which means pair, couple.

Source: Doctor good food

To be defined in French, for example:

  • « Every moment with you is beyond all my es …Pears« .
  • « You are delicious » on a Apple
  •  » Pineapple nothing to do with statistics: you and me are for life!  »
  • « On a banana, write the expression « I am bananas for you » which means « I’m crazy about you ». The interest residing in the presence of the word banana in the Anglo-Saxon expression which makes the play on words particularly nice.

Tip: the skin of the banana being very sensitive to oxidation you can write on it simply with a toothpick.

You can print a quote to frame in a super romantic glitter frame. Please note, this is a limited edition!

Glitter frame, smartphoto limited edition

Redo a scene from Love actually

If you haven’t seen the movie, consider checking out on a romantic night out with your sweetheart. In the film, Mark declares what he feels to Juliet by ringing the bell at her place, his feelings being previously written on signs, which he will take care of showing her on a musical background. Quick booster shot over here.

Don’t you know how to tell her I love you? This is the perfect solution to win the heart of the person you love! It’s up to you to create the most beautiful message to say I love you, in French or in the language you want and get started. There is a good chance that your loved one will be very touched.

♥ A personalized card

Source: Madame R

How to tell her I love you in the most concrete way? By writing sweet words to him on a card, but not just any card: a DIY card, made by you. For that, you will need a little material, a touch of patience, a pinch of creativity, and above all, a lot of love!

You can find on the web many original and easy-to-make models to surprise your other half and make their heart beat for a long time. It’s armed with scissors, tubes of glue and card stock that your creation will see the light of day, so go shopping now! If you want to give him a personalized card with photos of the 2 of you, it’s here.

Source: Not on the high street

Pssst! Find out how to write a love letter in this article!

♥ How to say I love you : I jar with little words

To say I love you by addressing all the facets of your fabulous love, the little words jar is undoubtedly the most moving creative idea of ​​all! Simple and inexpensive, yet it is the one that will surely please your other half.

The principle: get a pretty glass jar or a candy box. Take paper of three different colors, establish a code, for example:

  • yellow for memories,
  • pink for the reasons you love it,
  • blue for quotes or lyrics to songs you both love

Write as many little words as you want, ideally your partner can read them one every day of the year, or 365 words, or for a less ambitious version, one per week so 52.

Trick : order a personalized Mason Jar glass with his name or simply an « I love you ». Worth a look 🙂

Alternative: you can also write small personalized words on retro boxed photo prints or prints on textured paper. It is a wonderful medium for adding text to your memories, telling a story in photos, and creating surprises.

♥ The checkbook of love

If you prefer actions to words, among all our original Valentine’s Day ideas, this is the one for you to choose! This year, no way to let the routine take over. We have created a checkbook for you containing 12 original vouchers to take the time to find your other half. It’s easy, you print the booklet, cut and assemble the vouchers to create a real checkbook. Discover here the complete material and the explanation to realize your checkbook of love. All you have to do is give it to your other half and enjoy one couple’s evening per month.

♥ Make a remake of the movie PS: I love you

You will of course avoid dying, but you can draw inspiration from Gerry’s fabulous scavenger hunt for Holly before you die. Are there places that are loaded with memories for your couple? Hide letters, riddles, or even objects there and arrange for your partner to find them at one point or another. It’s a bit of a puzzle and time-consuming to organize, but when you love, you don’t count, right?

If with all these ideas you still don’t know how to tell him i love youis that you are a very complicated being (or that your other half is even more so!). In this case we expect from you a draft of the best message to say I love you by next year!

Do you have another idea for a message to say I love you or do you know how to say I love you in another original way? Share them with us in the comments or on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest with the hashtag #mysmartphoto!


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