Can we recover deleted messages on Facebook?

Can we recover deleted messages on Facebook?

After a very drunken night out, you decided to message your ex on Facebook. The next day, you have no idea what you may have written to him. Because in the meantime, you have deleted the conversation. The only clue: the « no thank you » your ex replied. Is it possible to recover deleted messages?

VSonsulting conversations archived on Messenger

Why consulting your archives can be useful: sometimes you think you deleted a message when you just archived it (the « Archive » option is located just above « Delete » in Messenger). When you archive a conversation on Messenger, it is no longer visible in the inbox.

To view the conversations archived on Facebook, go to the Messenger page and click on the cogwheel. Then all you have to do is select « Archived conversations ».


The conversation will appear in this space if it has been archived.

Ask the recipient for a copy of their messages

When you are about to delete a message or a conversation, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network warns you that the operation is irreversible. But when you delete a conversation, if it disappears from your inbox forever, it isn’t deleted from your friend’s. (Since the end of 2018, however, you can delete a message before your contact reads it. Please note: you only have 10 minutes to pretend you’ve never sent anything. This feature is explained to you here.)

Asking a Facebook contact to show you a copy of your posts is admittedly easier said than done. It will be easier if it is a banal message, but essential like a phone number or a building code (afterwards, you will have to explain to your friend why you deleted your conversation. This is an other story).

It immediately becomes more complicated if it is a message that you wrote with 1.2 grams of alcohol per liter of blood. But if you really want to retrieve a message: go ahead and request a copy from your contact. Because this is really the only solution: once it is deleted from your account, you can harass Mark Zuckerberg, no one will return the message or the conversation to you. Except the person you sent it to. The more the choice, you have to get started …

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