Dating : 25 Ways to Conquer a Man and Make Him Your Boyfriend

h2>Dating : 25 Ways to Conquer a Man and Make Him Your Boyfriend

  1. Support you actively
    Is he going to do an interview? An important proof? Are you going to have a difficult week? Wish you luck, encourage him and show that you are thinking about him. Show interest in hearing how things went, but don’t make him feel obligated to offer a report.

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2. Support him
In any kind of crisis, take his side. Ever. Not judging him is very important to win a man. Whether he has done everything perfectly or needs to make some changes, this can be discussed later if necessary.

3. Enjoy it
Show gratitude. Tell me how it makes your life better. Need it.

4. Care for him physically
Feed him when he is hungry. Take care of him when he’s sick. Hug him to show affection. Rub his back.

5. Have no eyes for anyone but him
Actively discourage other men’s attention. Avoid eye contact with other men. Ignore men who stare at you and try to talk to you. Never, ever, try to win over a man by trying to make him jealous. Any success in this regard will be temporary, for sure.

6. Make it look good
Be proud to be seen in his company, and tell him that. Strive to engage with his co-workers, friends or family in a friendly and generous way. Do not discuss his problems or weaknesses with others. Create opportunities to introduce him to the important people in your life.

Cultivate: bring effort and energy to the relationship.

7. Develop your own private language and internal jokes
Whether it’s a nickname, a shared laugh, or a funny accident, you can promote a call to make him your boyfriend by highlighting your unique experiences.

8. Be unconditionally generous
Do nice things for him without scoring points. Focus on giving instead of receiving.

9. Pay the bill sometimes
If he insists, as many men do, find other ways to contribute financially. Buy tickets for a show. Cook for him at home.

10. Remember his favorites
Watch. He loves whiskey. Hates broccoli. Do not eat pork. The Godfather is your favorite movie. His grandmother’s lasagna is his favorite food when he needs comfort. Find ways to win a man by offering your favorite things.

11. Investigate his interests
He’s a football fan and you don’t know anything about the game. Don’t pretend to be excited about the championship final and then talk and eat without any interest in the outcome of the game.

He loves jazz, but you think it’s for old people. Search for great influences and listen. Put it on to play the next time he comes to your house. He will be delighted that you have taken the time to learn something about him.

Always respect the things he cares about. Never demean his hobbies to win a boyfriend.

Maintenance: how humble can you be?

12. Be an escape valve
Be low maintenance. Be a safe haven, a person he can be himself with, even on bad days.

If he has to work late, demonstrate understanding and flexibility. Don’t expect it to entertain you; offer to stay at home a few times or to do something cheap and normal.

13. Don’t compete with his family and friends
Appreciate his loyalty to family and friends, and the need to spend time without you in other relationships. It is important, to win a man, never to compete for his attention with people who are important in his life.

14. Lower your expectations
Forget the rules. Don’t focus on minutiae like how long it took him to answer your message. In fact, forget the messages. It is a terrible form of communication for anything but plans. Reward him for calling with a spontaneous plan on Friday night — say yes if you’re free.

15. Avoid controlling or possessive behavior
Never expect him to read your mind. If he asks what’s wrong and you say “Nothing,” it’s your fault. Solve conflicts with a minimum of drama, and once resolved, forget it.

Never ask him to explain everything he did. Don’t ask how he meets that girl at the bar.

16. Keep your couple private
Show that you are not chatting with your friends about their relationship or their weaknesses.

17. Respect his privacy
Never, never touch his cell phone, email or Facebook, etc. We have seen many women fall into this trap.

Besides being a form of theft, there is nothing to be gained from it. There is no upside to snooping. You can’t prove a negative, so you can never be safe when you don’t find incriminating evidence. You are also likely to exaggerate anything you find.

If you feel the need to follow it like this, it is a symptom that something is not right in the relationship, and you should address it directly.

18. Suppress your neuroses
Women are susceptible to emotional drama, let’s face it. It is almost always better not to show this side of yourself to a man if you want to make him your boyfriend. Work your emotional baggage with a therapist or friend. You’ll soon be happy that you didn’t share your paranoia that he cared about your sister too much or that he was going to abandon you when his cell phone battery ran out.

19. Stay sober
In order to conquer a man, do not get drunk, as this gives signs of low value in every conceivable way. He may like to see you a little dizzy from time to time, but erasing it so drunk is never attractive.

20. Solve conflicts without emotional excess
Express disappointment critically and without drama. Reward the behaviors you like and deny approval to those you don’t like. Listen to his point of view. Never allow friends to direct their actions and suggest confrontation.

Be the goddess of his sex.

21. Postpone sex until you get emotional intimacy
He’s not going to commit to you because of sex, so you want to win a man into a relationship before you have sex. He must think, “This woman is amazing, and if the sex is good …”

22. Have sex with words
Tell him that you want to be alone with him for an hour you have to wait. Say what you think is sexy about him. Say that you want him and only him. Say provocative things to him. Share a fantasy. A few whispered words can win a man in seconds, sexually speaking. Many women neglect this form of seduction.

23. Take control of the transaction
Surprise him by initiating physical contact. Men often say they want a woman who is naughty just for them. Leave inhibition and modesty aside. Be a sex goddess for him. Reward him when he turns you on.

24. Connect emotionally during and after sex
Make eye contact. Be a little vulnerable. Tell him what you like best about him physically — his chin, his elegant hands, that little spot on his face where he doesn’t grow a beard, the soft area between his shoulder and his chest, which is a perfect pillow for his head.

Accept it as “it is.”

25. Never enter into a relationship with the idea of ​​changing the man in what you want
Such actions will help to win over a mature man and make him your boyfriend, emotionally available to you. Before trying to win a boyfriend, you must qualify him as relationship material. Each month of your time and effort spent on a prankster is a waste.

For every effort you make, he must meet you halfway. He must be:

Willing to move on with the relationship.
You will need to be patient. It takes time to develop genuine intimacy and closeness. But you must see these four qualities all the time. If one is missing, he is not a good match for you. Decrease your losses and move on.

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